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  1. Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande walimusomesa before ? Singa boona basomesa ngagwe Ensi yanditerendenyo, Shaba Mukama Yesu Christ atutabunze ensiyona olange Work mubantu ba Mukama I wish you a good dreams Maama mutumindenyo

  2. Thanks GOD for love me protect me and gift of life…… I pray for my madam to see me as one of them…. Am working in Saudia as house girls… I wish one day I will go back to Kenya safely….. Also remember of girl and men how are suffering ni this country……. Glory back to jesus

  3. Heavenly FATHER I thank you for everything that you do in my life. Honestly thanks my Darling LORD. Continue bringing new miracles in my life I pray you lord to give what I love that can bring happiness in my life. I pray you to protect the man whom you have proposed to me I believe your soon to show him to me officially. Keep him safe in his absence. In your name father I trust. Amen

  4. Ooooooh lord Jesus Christ my father God use sent me use my hands to bless others iam ready to receive it thankyu man of God for your prayers to my live family let's the light shine in me so that the other can see the goodness of our father God Glory and honour back to Jesus Amen Amen Amen

  5. Lord Jesus bless me with good life , good marriage , victory , breakthrough, prosperity, financial, protection, money money money, God bless my hands and my good life , knowledge in Jesus Christ name amen 🤲🤲🤲🙏🙏🙏

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