International Sunday School Lesson – Sunday School in 7minutes



  1. I think it’s so beautiful that God truly does love us and want us
    The same way we want and love him. If not even more because he is passionate. He feels deeper than any of us could and it’s just mind blowing to know that OurFather has set aside a place for us. A HOME FOR US where he is our God. There is nothing and no one else
    We finally can be face to face. God can have us the way he intended to. Just his shelter and safety and not wanting for nothing. Not fearing nor lacking anything and as we live we use our faith to behave this way now but some day soon we really will be with him in our new home!

    Keep on hanging in there you all. I love you 💕

  2. Excellent break down Brother! The New Jerusalem isn’t build by man’s hand but by our creator. I think it’s sad when people have been tricked into believing Jerusalem now is the holy city, that city doesn’t come down until after the Day of the Lord, that’s why the foundation with be burnt with fire 1,500 square miles. Jesus/Yeshua with the warrior angels have to prepare the foundation and root out the wicked that gathers to fight him at his return.

    How does a kingdom 15,000 square mile set down on a globe? 🤔


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