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Great Man Of God Dr.P.SatishKumar’s sermons are powerful and life changing that lead a blessed and prosperous spiritual life. He Share about what God has been teaching you. It focuses on life-related topics that hold great interest for everyone, topics like acceptance, brokenness, calling, comfort, crisis, decisions, doubt, endurance, giving, healing, hurts, loss, love, miracles, mistakes, planning, purpose, risk, romance, stress, temptation, tragedy, and wisdom etc.

Dear, Man Of God Dr. P. Satish Kumar Surrendered His entire life to serve mankind. His powerful yet Simple life changing teachings have attracted countless millions of people and transformed their lives from wickedness to Godliness. He is highly accepted and respected by all the regions and religious People because he Never complains, condemns, criticizes or compares other Gods or religions. His teachings are most convicting people of their wicked ways rather than converting people. He always teaches that every human needs to be connected with their creator.
Great man Of God Dr.P.Satish Kumar being an Indian and highly speaks of India on international platforms about Indian values, culture and family structure. He emphasizes “Service to mankind is service to God and as Jesus said “ Love your neighbor as you love yourself. He believes this – thus he practices.

39:30 Dr.P.Satish Kumar Song
48:44 TESTIMONIES and Testimony Explanation
01:32:48 @Dr.P.Satish Kumar MESSAGE (Sunday Sermon)
02:27:20 This Week Updates

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  1. Gbu bro and sis Today let's study about THE false insistence ….THE SABBATH AND THE FEASTS WERE ABOLISHED BY QUOTING… GALATIANS 4:10…… Those who do not keep the Sabbath and the feasts insists that the Sabbath and the feasts have been abolished by quoting Galatians 4:10…. Here we read … You are observing special days and months and seasons and years I fear for you ,that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you…. Let's see why do they keep Sunday and Christmas then???? If Galatians 4:10 _11.. means that we must not keep any day or feast ,why do the Catholic Church and Protestant churches keep feasts such as Sunday, Christmas ,and Thanks giving day??.. Why did Apostal Paul keep the feasts??. Apostal Paul who wrote the book of Galatians would not have kept any feast .How ever ,he kept the Sabbath ,the Passover ,and all the other feasts( Act 17:2,18:4,1Cor 5:7). Therefore ,the ""special days and months and seasons and years""in Galatians 4:10 are not feasts of the new covenant that Apostal Paul kept. What are the feasts that Apostal Paul told them not to keep??. Then what are the feasts that Apostal Paul told them not to keep?? They are the feasts of the old testament that the physical Jews held fast to…. In those days ,some members of the church in Galatia intended to follow the decrees of the old testament, being influenced by the Jews who to hinder the gospel ,holding fast to the law of the old testament. That was why Apostal Paul told them not to keep the decrees of the old testament because they were the the weak and worthless elemental things… Galatians 4:9…… How is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable principles?? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again???. What do "' those principles"' means ?? According to the verses ahead ,we can know that they are the laws of the old testament…. Galatians 4:3_5… Do also when we were children … We were in slavery under the basic principles of the world …But when the time had fully come.. God sent his son , born of a woman ,born under law ,to redeem those under law.that we might receive the full right of sons…. Therefore it is wrong to say that the Sabbath and the feasts have been abolished ,quoting Galatians. 4:10_11…. 🙏. …. AMEN

  2. ప్రైస్ ది లార్డ్ అన్నయ్య మీకు నా హృదయపూర్వక ధన్యవాదాలు అన్నయ్య మా కోసం మా కుటుంబం కొరకు ప్రేయర్ చేయండి అన్నయ్య 🙏✝️🙌

  3. వందనాలు బెదర్ అడ్ సిస్టర్ హలొమ్ నాకోరకు ప్రార్దన మరి నేను కువైట్ లొ ఉంటాను నేను పనీ చేసే యజమాను నాకు టికెట్ తియ్యమని అడిగాను మరి ఆళ్ళు రంజన్ అయిపోయాక తీస్తను అన్నరు మరి నేను క్షమంగా నా పిల్లలు ను చేరుకోవాలని నాకోసం నా పిల్లలు కోసం ప్రార్దన చెయ్యమని కొరుకుటున్నను నా పేరు క్రాంతి నా పిల్లలు పేరు సాత్విక్ శరణ్య ప్రార్దన చెయ్యండి మరి అమెన్ అమెన్ గాడ్ బ్లెస్స్ యూ ఆల్ 🙏🤲👏💒🙏🤲👏💒🙏🤲👏💒


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