Just a quick update on where I’m at on this lovely Super Bowl Sunday some of the imagery I got while I was on the road is amazing first nation accounts of six toed beings that video will be up at some point today



  1. Yeah it's all bread and circuses now but just watching a game you used to play and enjoy as a kid ( not the satan worship halftime show ) is not going to destroy your soul. Getting really into it is admittedly stupid, but think about it like this… most of the rest of the world is WAY more into soccer than we are into football. Go to some other countries and you will be surprised. Or don't. I would much rather be outside exercising but after 2 back surgeries those days are limited. I guess we're all preaching to the choir here… but we can RISE ABOVE butter and salt and still enjoy popcorn once a year. Not like avoiding a game is going to stop them from spraying the skies. That said, still not giving up the fight here. Thanks for what you do Richie, it's helping wake up a lot of people.

  2. Bigfoot. usually seen around high sightings of ufo areas. Theory is they r hybrid's or nefilim created by grays to guard the entranced of caves where the grays fly in and out. this kept the locals away, back 200 yrs ago who had spears and bows. in modern times with shoulder fired tank killer rockets, that doesn't work so well. Nexus magazine from Australia. had an article a few yrs back about an island over there with high ufo activity. the natives would not go up on the mountain to the cave because Bigfoot lived there. After running this article, a few months later they posted an update article. A plane load of black uniformed men with red triangle patches on uniforms,. descended on the island. they went straight up the mountain, killed and removed all Bigfoot, then blew up the cave entrance with super high explosives. this all seen by the local natives. No one knows who these people are. I suspect they r from Dept X, inside national security. (yes it's real)( TV series) . these same players have been seen all over the globe hunting down Bigfoot and blowing up cave entrances where Gray aliens fly in and out. days after hurricane Katrina hit, these same uniforms with red triangles were seen in new Orleans sniping ( killing) murderers, and gangsters who were raping, killing and robbing trapped civilians. When they left, Blackwater rolled in and enforced Marshall law until sanity and help arrived. I suspect this force to be a multi national of ex military. (Russians, NATO, legionares, ECT) but works for national security under Dept X. Just a thought. I am ex military and retired law enforcement. I see the patterns in things like this. if I wasn't so old, I would join Dept X. Probably got to know the right person to get in there. they will Say it dont exist, but it does. Take care people. ps- u should order Nexus.

  3. I just caught the tail end of the Super Bowl by accident, or maybe it wasn't by accident because what I caught was a bunch of guys taking turns kissing the trophy. I felt sick to my stomach, realizing the trophy was just another idol being worshipped.

  4. Really richie? Bigfoot? Come on. Ones never been captured yet. Really? No Mrs. Bigfoot or baby bigfoots. There's just one that lives for ever and never reproduces? Where the colony of bigfoots?

  5. Already knew who would win that rigged game,,the Eagle has Landed and the patriots have been *beat*,,the symbolism used in half time was blatant. All worshipping war-shipping,,nothing but Lucifer coming out of the closet sort to speak

  6. Richie! I think the big foots are intelligent beings who come here for like vacation and such. The more advanced beings BRING them and pick them up. They hide and mess with us like a game. The biblical impregnating six toed giants are another,darker, matter

  7. Richie U bastid how dare u not have time to make endless videos for us to like.

    I for one thank u for driving out there to c for not only yourself but for those of us who can’t make the trip. U have the BALLS to say wat needs to b said and wisdom to research the truth. Keep fighting the good fight brother. And if u find yourself in providence r.i. There r a few videos u could post that go right up ur alley. Hit me up n I can show u around would love to kick it with u

  8. I'm not fan of this sport but for the first time I watched it. And many of them believe JESUS CHRIST as their Savior at The end of The game eagles coach said that he owes everything to his lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. Even evil is controlling everything. There are also GOOD people EVERYWHERE.. Who will Give their lives to our KING…

  9. I know that this is completely off topic but early yesterday morning my boyfriend had a heart attack and passed away later that evening could really benefit from encouraging words and prayer.

  10. Your spot on rich, Dogman/Bigfoot are nephalim hybrids. Why's so much of history show half animals/half human beings. Many testimonies of former satanist or people with nde's also corroborate it. The leader of the watchers, why he was so powerful was because of all the angels only the archangels or "one of the 7 that stand before God" knows his true name. He asked Michael to help him annunciate it in the course of his heavenly duties before he fell. Now think, God speaks everything into existence. When you cast out demons, it's by name. There's tremendous Power & Authority in the name of the creator. It says they sinned against the birds, fish, and beasts. They obviously were getting their Bill Nye on back in them antidiluvian days. All they did will once again happen for as in the days of Noah!

  11. My eagles won!fly eagles fly!the Lord truly gave me a word back in summer of 2017 about leading them to victory and he did!eagle stands for strength and "fly away"soon my bratha we will be gone!welcome home!enjoy your time off

  12. Frutie Bowl Sunday..
    Don't miss the satanic half time show…
    Unless your taking a leak and buying some more $10 beers…
    I used to love going to hurricane, dolphins game growing up in the eighties..
    Great memories with my dad and brother and friends.. brother always sneaking his 14 year old brother some beer..I would get hammered..
    But they just had to "FUCK" that up to…
    Marino,super duper,Bob griese..
    Those were players with heart and did it for the sport and glory.. unless they were cheating back then also..but
    Not for the money and to make a political statement…
    These players now are totally bought and paid for ..it is like the WWF.. they are so fake… everything is "FUCKIN" fake
    All of you fools that still follow this shit are stupid ass fucks…
    All those that burned there NFL stuff are the true hero's today..
    Love you guys…
    And I prayed for you…
    Jesus will forgive me for my language btw

  13. i saw a commercial showing a rabbi, catholic, muslim and boodist getting in a truck together to go to the game signifying the one world religion that will be apart of the one world government . I can't believe this is all finally happening. 15 years ago i just didn't feel it was possible for things to be this crazy. I hear truthers online warning of this and now it is right there…plain sight…and they are loving the path to distruction

  14. I'm with you. I don't care about these ball games. They are a huge distraction for people to get into while the government is poisoning us. I do watch pieces of the Olympics and individual sports like freestyle and some motor racing. Unless you are an owner or manager who cares. The player have no loyalty and would jump ship for a few more bucks. Great job Richie. Thanks

  15. You give me some hope . but i feel so hopeless still . thank you for being u Richie. My heart is too big to be selfish. But thats what it seems im supposed to be .i kind of wish nowa days i was stupid may be i could walk around like my shit dont stink . stupid ppl are more confident .

  16. Iv been abused and used and made to acked a certain way . every one around me in my circle are all asleep . iv been screaming to be free but im stuck in this world with no understanding .iv always seen things others dont i feel so alone in my world . i almost gave up a few times . iv numb my self iv beat my self down .iv always be around narssasitic ppl . and it hurts . im so awake but so alone and stuck .

  17. Am I the only one that believes the eagles will win the super bowl because of that magazine cover (predictive programming) from decades ago showing paper currency being burned with an eagle on top of it with a symbol of cryptocurrency ????

  18. I have no time for American Football, so I'm not missing out. Hubby is a Pats fan, so I wind him up about watching these communist sympathisers. Then again, perhaps he's able to see past their nonsense and enjoy the game, but that crap grates on me.

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