Supernatural Bible School-Louise Lopez

This is a Radio Air Jesus & Welton Academy Production. All sessions were filmed By RAJ Broadcasting & Media Revival T.V Filmed on Location in Florence, Alabama at The Ark. No Unauthorized use of these videos are permitted
All session are from the Supernatrual Bible School under The Welton Academy

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  1. Leave the Children out of it you un biblical sickos. They were on there faces when in the presence of angels. This is Demonic. Demons can tell when it's going to rain too. We should be in the arms of Christ not Angels.

  2. This is classic end time apastosy. Given up to the doctrines of Devils. This is among those that pervert the gospel. It's Jesus Christ alone not angels Paul is very clear in first chapter of Galatians.
    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 1v8. This is another gospel it's deception from Satan. Wake up people and start reading your Bibles!

  3. Watching this thinking back when I had a dream of a angel I'm thinking wow could he have been my angel it was the end of the world and Michael was there protecting me and my family,, well I will accept that.

  4. This is counterfeit! If you begin to believe & trust angel rather than the Holy Spirit where is your faith & foundation? If God give you the gift to see angel there must be corresponding task. Its to help the kingdom, edification & specific. Not experential feeling, gold dust, looking for signs & wonders although miracle do happen. Your sharing is on the gift & not on Jesus. Angel don't bring you closer to God, the Word does. You are being deceived & you are deceiving people. Bethel @ Redding is a cult. Bill Johnson is a cult.

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