In the concluding message to his teaching series on dreams and visions, Pastor Benny Hinn relates scriptural examples and his own personal experiences in a study of the symbolism of dreams. The Bible is remarkably consistent in the meaning of certain objects and actions which appear in the dreams of individuals such as Joseph, and if you’ve had dreams which either energized or discouraged you, then today’s message could point you in the right direction to unlocking what God may be trying to say. This week’s programs have been about hearing God’s voice in whatever way He chooses to speak and having an understanding of the symbols in your dreams may unlock important truths for your life.

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  1. Pastor Benny Hinn, I'm so blessed with your teachings regarding symbols in dreams. So, I would like know, what It means if I have a dream about ministering to people, I mean, casting out the evil spirits from them? What could it really mean?.

    Thank you and God bless you…

  2. I have been watching your ministry starting with the wedding of your daughter. Prophecy is something my deceased father talked about. I know because I have some of his books he bought. You have a beautiful family, wife and children. Praise God you are still healthy that you are about to continue doing what you are doing.

  3. Plz pastor plz pray for meh so dat i will be blessd in every step of my lyf also pray for meh so dat i cn work for God work.. myself inaviLi zhimomi! From Nagaland" thnku🙏😇♥️

  4. Yes i had a dream with fear and i did not pray immidietely and now that i heard from you then i have to pray now and rebuke it in the name of Jesus.i learn a lot about dreams symbolise.thank you so much for sharing the word of God.

  5. Sir….you are true….there is broken hearth…..and everything I am worry above my life…and everyone talk negatif thinking above me….and my darling said he want coming mu country with family…but he said want holidays…in desember…he said want study in univercity ..but I am believe my darling…but my mother always said negatif above me made my head sick….😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I am always worshipp to God and prays and listen your video

  6. What about when you have a dream about, reading a victim impact statement in court? Does anyone know the biblical meaning of this? I feel as though it means God is granting me justice. I hope. I’ve been waiting 2 years😞

  7. Dear Pastor benny ,yesterday night i saw you in my dream…. i see that you came to my church and we did worship with your most anointed song called hallelujah.❤😊 ,please benny reply me 🙏🙏🙏🙏😣

  8. What you said about snakes is interesting, I had a dream about a giant snake once, it was going after my daughter. I was going to chop it's head off, momma bear you know, but I was stopped from killing it. A lady said it wasn't necessary, pulled out a pacifier, stuck it in his mouth, and it went back to sleep. I was having lots of false accusations at that time, I still am. I reckon God wants us to pacify our accusers, not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes at your expense.

  9. Pastor Benny, I am confused about what the Bible say about dreams and visions and who receives what.
    Since I was a little girl, I would get dreams AND visions, not even old enough to understand or comprehend what dreams and visions are.
    A lot of those dreams already came to pass, some of them warnings of future events, and some of them demonic spirits trying to suffocate me, and in some of them I would see myself as a spiritual giant fighting demons off and ending up in space. I had dreams of Wormwood hitting the earth, causing the whole earth to break out in lava, and I would want to help others.(at the age of 4-8yrs old)
    I grew up in a Christian home but never understood what Jesus is all about, although I recall moments (at a very young age 3/4yrs old) that my heart was quickened and I will be weeping with this burning feeling and desire in my stomach.
    So how do you explain a child having dreams and visions? Because now my children gets them too..


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