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  1. This mans speech is just like the other guys, brain washing christians to accept the plan. For me it’s prove enough that it is really the prototype for the mark, this vaccine contains substances to endorse the will for the mark easily, like anesthesia before the operation.

  2. Vacines Have tiny micro chips in it they can Track where you go Dna. Have your Heath number and Everything you do where you go. True. I am still not going to take No vacines or Cips of anykind no way

  3. The mark of the beast is the Jesus
    Isaiah 66: 17 verse eating swine flesh
    Geo or Je the Greek dictionary mean EARTH
    SUS MEAN wild pig 🐖
    The bible is meaning not literally
    Jesus mean EARTH PIG 🐖

  4. A word about Sunday Law : We all know the 4th. Commandment starts with the word REMEMBER – Jesus has a reason for this – He absolutely knew this was coming!! When we are ordered to worship on Sunday the 1st day – and you should already know who this will come from…. the religious beast and the political will enforce it by holding back on checks and bank accounts etc… until you do…. It will probably be that you have to do this 1x a month as I don't see the whole world population being able to do this every week PLUS for what its designed to do it only has to be 1x per month, any one of the 4x available to keep your accounts open and running – but here is the thing —> IT'S NOT THAT YOU WORSHIPED THE LORD ON SUNDAY THAT IS GOING TO GIVE YOU THE MARK OF THE BEAST IN THE FORM OF THE NAME (obedience) ITS THAT YOU OBEYED THE AUTHORITY THAT TOLD YOU TO DO IT IS WHAT WILL GIVE YOU THE MARK in the form of the NAME ( obedience and worship of the beast by obeying what he says ) !!!! Is anyone starting to understand any of this ????? YES we are FLIRTING WITH DISASTER and we must study to show ourselves approved and understand! The MARK can be : A cut, scratch tattoo – worship of the beast – and the number which I am still struggling to fully understand , and it can be on the hand or forehead which covers whole arm and forehead which is whole face – and lets not forget the word RIGHT as in RIGHT HAND – there is something to this or Jesus would not have specified RIGHT – which is dominate + in Strong's – As you can see at least 3 ways in at least 2 places – VERY SERIOUS STUFF and we cannot get any part of it wrong or missed !!!!!

  5. OK – Consider the following for a more REAL WORLD ACTUALLY HAPPENING EXAMPLE: The definitions are from the Strong's Bible Concordance; Remember that – this is not my definition of the words ::: Looking up the word FOREHEAD also means FACE, looking up the word NAME as in taking the NAME of the beast we see it means to OBEY and to obey is to worship, so obedience to the beast – what the beast says to do is worship of the beast the same as doing what Jesus tells you to do is Worship ,,,,, There are 3 Beast – Religious – Political – and the Anitchrist also a beast – So knowing how important it is to get this right and we not miss something consider this : the beast government TELLS YOU to wear a mask on your FACE and you do it – can be considered as TAKING THE MARK in the form of the NAME OF THE BEAST (obedience to its commands) on your FOREHEAD / FACE !!!!! People- we are flirting with disaster – we need to FULLY UNDERSTAND THESE WORDS AND OUR ACTIONS !!!! I dare say – if you did not know you will most likely be forgiven BUT once you know – you are CONVICTED if you continue!!!

  6. Amen. Anthon patch has the best scientific, christian information compiled by very accredited doctors, scientists, christians please refer to his u tube channel the name is Anthony Patchs u TUBE channel and C.E.R.N. if you dont know about C.E.R.N you need to. Anthony is a gifted ex Paramedic and a very intelligent researcher, who's very established within the medical community throughout the country and he has a magazine called Entangled. In the July 2020 edition he lets you download, for free, the information about the vaccine. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE, ITS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. ONCE INJECTED IT ATTACHES TO YOUR CELLS AND CHANGES YOUR DNA. ITS ADMINISTERED WITH A CURRENT AND A FREQUENCY, BUT WHY? please go check out his channel along with the u tube channel called shaking my head and the video is called can you hear me now and he has another one (same channel) called the MARK of the BEAST. If you want to see what the demonic, as far as, weapons hes coming at us with and proof, please refee to pastor Jonathan Klecks u TUBE channel and watch the video called, the majick KINGDOM and boy were they correct and once you watch this video, you'll want to see all his other videos because, you will see for yourself, that there real and he proves it through SCRIPTURE. AMEN PEACE AND GRACE.

  7. Its so hard to get your questions answered to be doing the right correct way to follow. For example: im on a prescribed pain medication. Ive tried to ask many times does that make you not sober? I also, need help to stop smoking. If you would pray for me. I wouldbe so greatly appreciated. .

  8. WAIT – you can get this mark in the form of THE CUT (mark) ,,,, the NAME obedience to or THE NUMBER still looking at this one… so there are AT LEAST 3 ways to get this and maybe more !!!!!! GO READ IT REAL CLOSE !!!!! The number could be the serial number attached to the vc !!!!! Better look these words up in a Strong's concordance or you will miss something and you can't afford that especially here – because the taking the MARK in the form of the NAME of the beast threw me when I seen in the Strong's that the NAME is OBEDIENCE to or doing what the beast says and OBEDIENCE IS WORSHIP – just like you are OBEDIENT TO JESUS IS WORSHIP – obedience to the beast is worship and taking the NAME means OBEDIENCE TO – now who would have ever thought that the NAME would mean OBEDIENCE TO ????? YOU MUST LOOK THESE WORDS UP and follow all the root word numbers also !!!! HAND means WHOLE ARM ANYWHERE – Forehead is FACE and I found the word TEMPLATE attached to that like the face scan template – Right was dominate – need more research on that seems more important or Jesus would not have specified RIGHT HAND – Mark is a cut scratch tattoo and I found PUNCTURE as when the apostles had the puncture marks on their legs to show ownership but here we are looking at just PUNCTURE – so as you can see here YOU MUST LOOK THESE WORDS UP AND DIG DEEP OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS SOMETHING AND THAT WILL BE THE BIGGEST DISASTER OF YOUR ETERNITY !!!!!!!!! If you do any of this you have taken the MARK OF OWNERSHIP and you are LOST !!!!! Nobody on you tube or any tube has this right – its much deeper than anyone is teaching and I NEVER HEARD NOT ONE PERSON saying what I am telling you TO GET A STONG'S TEXT BOOK AND LOOK THESE WORDS WU and even use a dictionary – but NOT only a dictionary or you will miss something because the dictionary is not in context with scripture – STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED – sorry Levi – THIS IS MUCH DEEPER THAN ANYONE IS TEACHING and when you do this you will see I am 100% right about how deep this goes !!!!!! Taking the mark in the form of the NAME is as simple as DOING WHAT THE BEAST SAYS and BAM !!!! You took the mark in the form of the NAME OF THE BEAST BECAUSE YOU OBEYED and OBEDIENCE IS WORSHIP that quick that simple you're done !!!! THIS IS SO DANGEROUS AND SO IMPORTANT DO GET TOO CHEAP or LAZY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD !!!! YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME YOU MUST GET THIS 100% RIGHT !!!!!! <— And use a note book – BOY let me tell you am I glad I look these words up or I would have listened to someone else and would have been off be a million miles !!!!! I want to add – Levi is 100% correct what I am saying is – it goes deeper there is more to it !!!!

  9. If you miss the rapture, you will be cut to pieces. You don't want to want to miss the rapture.

    I believe the full burnt of the Anti-Christ's wrath will be unleashed when the edict of the mark of the beast is passed. You don't want to be here. To think that God would hand over his church, the body of Christ to the Anti-Christ to be butchered as a sacrifice is purely Satanic and demonic, illogical, not even sane.

    Trust that you miss this coming tribulation period, by being caught up out of harms way.

  10. You should be looking for what GOD says will define the mark of the beast instead of leaning to your own understanding. GOD says the mark will go in your RIGHT HAND or FOREHEAD. God says it will involve willfull worship and bowing down as oppossed to some kind of hidden deception as u claimed in this video. GOD says the mark arrives 3.5 years into the tribulation, we currently are not in the tribulation. GOD says the mark will be instituted by the second beast, which is the antichrist. The mark of the beast does not arrive until AFTER the unveiling of the antichrist.

    By your logic it could be argued that taking a measles, menengitis, or chicken pox vaccine is the so called "path" to the mark of the beast which simply isn't using sound understanding. Now that being said i personally believe there is an agenda behind the coronavirus, to bring about the rise of the antichrist. As for the vaccine , i don't plan on taking it. BUT, according to GOD'S WORD, if the vaccine does NOT GO INTO YOUR RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD then it is NOT the mark of the beast, know matter how much you want it to be. Secondly, GOD tells us to use WISDOM and CALCULATE the number of the beast. Does the current vaccine have a patent number of 666? If so , then that's alarming. If not, then it's not the mark of the beast.

    REVELATIONS 13 – "The second beast was permitted to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their RIGHT HAND or on their FORHEAD, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name." <<<< These are SPECIFIC clues GOD told us to look for along with the NUMBER OF THE BEAST which is 666.

  11. hey wake up! … this has happened in the past with Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:22-24) … and then with the Angels (Genesis 6:1-7) … and then with Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) … All the plans of Satan and his followers have failed and will fail miserably … all of you fools you are going to smash your head Upon the Rock and the Rock will fall upon all of you ( Matthew 21:42-44)

  12. False prophets … the mark of the Beast is not any Vaccine but a scratch a tattoo Upon their Right hand or Upon their head (Revelation 13:16-18) …
    Now you spread the message that Vaccine is the mark of the Beast … and when the real mark of the Beast will come you will say that this is the Mark of God and not of Beast using these verses =
    Revelation 7:3, Revelation 9:4
    The Elect Born Again Christians (Romans 8:28-30) … they are careful = Matthew 24:24, 2Thessalonians 2:1-3

  13. If people can’t hear just the creepy ness is his voice o wow if he told me that the sun was shinning and it was just his voice would creep me out so bad that I would have to run just hearing his voice


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