We are clearly at the point of no return the news has become science fiction politics is just a great big lie and censorship is strangling the light box while shirt large channels that are backed by corporate entities continue to pump out information under the guise of true don’t let them



  1. I agree that things are escalating, however I'm no longer sold on EMP'S or Nukes. I've seen too many of the old videos using perfectly steady cameras filming the total destruction of buildings and such. It's been suggested the cameras were at great distances using a zoom, but some of the footage shows the blast coming from behind the cameras. One video shows white puffy clouds maintaining their shapes and positions after a mushroom cloud violently overtakes it. Not possible.
    I no longer just believe anything I see or hear from any source of information. Common sense is always applied. I would no longer bet my life on anything. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Why did you say you wouldn't be one of Gods saved people? There aren't very many verses that I have found to support the "rapture". That I get. Revelation says those faithful to Jesus who will not take the mark of the beast will be executed. We die as maryters and return with Christ in his army as far as I can tell from scripture. I pray you find some hope, RFB. Most of you videos end with " it's bad" "this is all really bad" etc. speak truth in love and have. We should have hope. Christ is our hope. "Always have an answer for the hope you have. We should be light in an obviously dark place. God bless.

  3. we will have to survive the tribulation for some or most of it. Not everyone will go up right away bc the 144000 Are God's soldiers in the last days. I am one of them and if you feel that way you must be too. I also don't think I'm going right away, I have visions of myself living in the woods in a small community.

  4. We haven't had a CLEAR sunny day here in the DFW for days. This is really unusual for this area, where we typically have something like 200X days of sunshine.  It's not really sunny, it's not really cloudy, it's just…white. And Richie, you may be a "messenger" but YOU STILL NEED CHRIST. The fact that you say "you won't be one of them" makes me very sad and fearful for you. If the Rapture occurs, you DO NOT want to be here afterward, because things will literally go to Hell. Praying for you. Keep voicing the truth, but turn to Christ. Please.

  5. this is getting old … we rather hhear good ideas than fear porn . every ione s awake that needs to be if not your good videos will start to look stupid you want to be a daily news man ? yikes

  6. Amen brother! The tribulation is for us all. We will go through the tribulations…but God has shortened the time for us so we can endure. I honestly believe we are to help people in that short time and try to lead them toward Jesus Christ.

  7. Young man, you are still not wearing your seatbelt! I do not want you to get pulled over and get a ticket, for no reason! I am not thinking that you are going to get into a wreck or die or anything, I just don't want you to get into trouble!!… for a very easily preventable thing. It's like begging the cops to pull you over. Screw that! LOL cops are pretty much the only thing I am afraid of

  8. Richie you just said you are a unsaved person that is trying to lead Christians? You confused the crap out of me on this one. If your saved you will go up in the rapture only part is there a long tribulation peroid before the rapture that everyone will see. Christians have been duped to believing they will be gone. We will ALL be here for it. Its not till after the tribulation that we are ruptured. If you dont bevel in the rapture you should read your bible more. I can show it to you from Isiah
     (first time its mentioned) to revelation.

  9. Love the channel Rich but dont give any corps your money keep it local . Unless you cant find it local that is also we are no longer required by law to pay tax or any gov fees or fines or actually follow any of there codes or statutes they say it is illegal to sponsor terrorists. The VATICAN UN CROWN CORP AGENTS are terrorists acting as governments and all corps are registered at VATICAN TERRORISTS INC . Thank you for proving your a danger to life and our earth which we humans are the protectors of so pls opt out of your Corporate contract and do not support terror. Ps not blaming rich we all need supplies but it just shows how all of us have choices that hurt or help the local economy and i suggest your make deals with local farmers to have them or help them grow and learn to grow food and pick up a fishing rod and an anti fungal gas mask w extra cartridges and a portable water filter. OR if any gov could airstrike the Vaticlan. I would be eternally grateful as many other who have suffered thru years of filth. cheers peace to humans

  10. Chip Seneck come on man stop being a Toppper! A one upper! One of those guys who anything I did you did it 10 times bigger & Better! Cut the crap man let the guy tell his story you don't have to jump out and make up some crazy story how yours is just way more crazy and dangerous, bigger, and better. Cut the Crap man, always one in the crowd. Come on man seriously cut the Crap. Let the guy tell his TRUE STORY, we don't wanna hear your crazy made up over the Top story to lesson his story.
    You should put a big Spot light on a Pole and Strap it to your back and go walk down Main Street or go to the mall and Spot Light & Show Case your self for everyone to see. Will that Satisfy your Need For Attention???

  11. Trump is gonna surprise a lot of people who think that he is gonna save America. I will admit I'm am glad Hillary isn't in because I think the everything will be the same but she would just bring everything much quicker if that makes any sense?

  12. you no I'm a truck driver and I see a lot going on in evert state and I Think k a lot while I'm driving and I agree something big is coming. soon.but I have notice the moon is rising in a different place I don't no why but something has,changed

  13. hey Richie from Boston a big hi from Yorkshire UK been following your channels for a while now keep up the work man you put out some good info. Chemtrails yep I been putting vids out here since 2007/8 check out how bad chemers were in UK back then on my page. peace and God speed bro.

  14. I cancelled my TV I'm done with there lies and I m not going to be a repeater of there BS lies. they just want to scare everyone and distract everyone from looking somewhere else.

  15. Hi Richie. Been following you. Hagman. Antony. LA. Christian Truther. ODD. YABOO7 +++. Try and bring in South Africans to your program. Speak to us. Your support will grow crazy (before EMP hits) Brilliant work done. I've been at it appropriately 3 years and I am a Christian. Today I brake bread and drink the blood of the lamb with all in Christ. Keep the faith brother. He's got you – warts and all

  16. I still don't quite get it regarding Trump. You're probably right, Rich, but the reality of the situation from our perspective was that it was him or Hillary, and I think a lot of people thought along the same lines as me, which was, "Maybe we've got a chance with Trump, and if he's bullshit too, then screw it," because Hillary sure as hell was corrupt to the core. It was a hail Mary.


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