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  1. The only way to stop the evil is to stop compromising with it and know your true enemy, the devil.  Scripture says, many are called but few are chosen….Our True Creator has no use for cowards.  We serve the one we obey that simple. God is not the author of confusion…. confusion is caused when their is deception involved, when deception involved satan is the influence…. if we tell lies, we deceive ourselves…it's like a mirror effect u see? It blinds.  and it is written all secrets will be revealed so (no matter what skeletons are in one's closet)….the truth is gunna come out (yah every non-disclosure agreement and what crimes against humanity done will be revealed…come out of her my people!) …repent and forsake all evil,  Through Christ there is forgiveness and mercy involved…without Christ there is not.Go to the source for the truth God's word, Jesus is the way, the truth, pray and love one another sincerely in truth….hey Great work again RichiefromBoston.. as you can see, I again have been blessed by your work.  Bless you Brother!

  2. I think the transgender thing was a distraction as always to cover up other nefarious activities by the psychopaths. If you think about it most people only use store/restaurant BR's if absolutely necessary. I don't think much will change unless a 'trans' goes in and says they were harrassed then they sue and get $$$. Moms should accompany their young daughters and teens know to watch out.

  3. Completely, an evil agenda! If they, choose to be, different from birth, why wouldn't they be fighting for a bathroom of their own!? What next, nude soaking tanks for little girls, who think they're mermaids out of water!? Only to be filled w/adult men, who think they're young girls, hoaxing our kids to have a splash!!

  4. I woke up this morning wanting to be a puppy and I took a dump in my neighbors front yard. I felt so free that I was able to express myself. And yes I am an asshole.

  5. I'm not surprised that Target is pushing this. I stopped shopping there back in the late 90s. They had a huge sign in their stores by the checkout area bragging about how much of their profits were put back into the local community to support "charities". The primary "charity" they were supporting was planned parenthood.

    Take a look at their corporate.targetDOTcom community and store safety page. They are more openly orewellian than walmart. "We work with thousands of organizations across the country in areas like law enforcement, emergency management and public health to provide the funding, supplies and equipment, and training for their officials." Why is "public health" (code for PP), working with local law enforcement, fema, and providing training and funding for the police state so important to the local grocery store? They even admit they have their own Forensic Labs that they make available to law enforcement. Why the heck does a grocery store have it's own forensic lab!? The feds own and run Target and always have. We all should have been boycotting Target long before they instituted co-ed toilets.

  6. Richie, I soooo agree with you, that transgender are being used as pawns in this game of 'divide and conquer'. These folks born with bodies that don't match their souls have enough coping issues without all of this. Many public places now have a 'family rest room' used by people with strollers, lots of children, people with aides, transgender, etc. This model should be incorporated into more public places paid for by the Feds. Any place with single stall rest rooms should just be restrooms for the next person, cause you lock the door behind you.

  7. It wont matter soon a "decree" will come down and all public restrooms will be open for all. So question for you what if I identify my self as a black woman does that mean I am entitled to all minority programs? Because remember you cant discriminate right? So does that mean I will get special consideration for jobs, college, ect..? Right?

  8. what if target is part of a psyop to flush out patriotic , Establishment non sympathizers and get them out in the streets protesting where they can be documented with facial recognition . then these people can be put on FEMA lists…… or Jade 2 can study their profiles and all that data is stacked up against the citizens for when they pull off the "event" there by ensuring that anyone with morality gets wiped out before they even get ready to respond….
    think about it . Oregon brought out the gun guys… target's stupid bathroom law will get out the softer more diplomatic non conformists in the streets…. it's such a complex and expensive plan, sounds dumb? that's exactly why it's probably true. don't try to rationalize like them, you can't, because they don't have limitations, and we do.

  9. Right?! And even after the number of people who have signed the pledge to boycott Target tops 1 Million, the Obama administration announces the plan to implement this in our schools! I can't help but wonder if Target was used to gauge the reaction of the public; it's no secret that a main goal has been to incite civil unrest & portray Christians as hateful "extremists"…

  10. isn't Target own by a French corporations I remember when it wasn't ourlocal news Target REFUSED TO ALLOW VETERANS GIVE POPPIES TO THOSE WHO DONATE that is when I stopped shopping there. Oh yes keep us posted


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