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  1. Geez what next? One can't shop and use the bathroom without having a close encounter of the third kind? Oh noes… where will we all shop now that we know about the Walmart tunnels, and now Target has gone pervey and NWO on us? I'll sign the petition but I'm sure our signatures will be electronically swapped over to the other side, or just be electronically deleted, thrown into the ocean where all inconvenient electronic votes and signatures go. It's about time for us to gird our loins and quit buying all the Walmart/Target junk, and not go through their doors anymore…

  2. If you really want to start a grass roots effort against Target watch the #DitchingMyCart video on my page. I say everyone who wants to fight back GO IN TO TARGET AND FILL UP A BUGGY TO THE RIM then leave a note that says…..I was going to buy this merchandise but because of your bathroom policy I refuse. LET TARGET SPEND THE TIME PUTTING ALL THAT MERCHANDISE BACK. Film yourself ditching the buggy and post it on youtube

  3. They want their delusion validated. That's why they don't want unisex restrooms. They want to force everyone else into their fantasy world.

    @4:09 It's not "anti-transgender"! Play dress up all you want! But don't deny immutable biological facts, which is what separates the restrooms.

    @4:43 Even if this were true, it paves the way for others to be inappropriate, removes a deterrent…but here are some names worth having a look at:

    Robert Whitehead, Bellvue WA
    Allison Woolbert
    Dana McCallum
    Robert Michelle Koselik
    Cynthia China Blast
    Paul Ray Witherspoon
    Alberto Robledo
    Jason Pomare
    Gregory Philip Schwartz
    Russell Williams

  4. It's Referred to as: (By Me),
    Children are being "Intentionally Focused Upon", from the Social Herd. While out and about, with their Families, and their little, "unlearned minds", being subjected to These Filthy, Sick Minded Adult Issues, (…going on, all as their "Parents" being complete morons, by allowing these "PAEDOPHILIC AGGRESSIONS", to escalate day, to day, week, to week, etc., are NOT Indentifying the POS that are doing this as something other than Human, (…there IS something working at this Child Directed Perverted Assimalation, or Conditioning), which to myself, is NOT in anyway, Human in Origin…),

  5. Richie every day is now becoming a challenge just to complete the day. The idiocy is everywhere you go 24/7 wrong is right right is wrong. We will destroy ourselves and not a single bullet or bomb will be fired. Afraid Richie we are cooked its everywhere. Wait till Hillary is selected not elected game over buddy. Every man for himself…..Peace.

  6. Took a small break and I see all is on course as per usual here in America it is all by design though. It is real simple have a dick=men's room have a vagina= woman's room not really to hard to deal with right? I cant believe this has received so much press but jobs and industry are leaving the country in droves and "main stream media" says shit. We still have homeless people but nobody says shit. What in the literal fuck is wrong with people nothing makes any sense …our country has turned into one big cesspool with no morals or values.

  7. The people defending this stupidity refuse to hear that it gives access to predators, and instead insist we are calling them predators. Clearly, I'm calling them ignorant, and bullish, and narcissistic, and confused, and in need of help…but never did I say they were predators…sheesh.

  8. Isn't this just another divide and conquer tactic? When using a public restroom I don't question if the other women at the sink are real women…? Who does that? Use a stall, do your business, wash your hands (now that is probably the most important part of this) and get out before it gets smelly…!

  9. This is disgusting y truly sad…humanity is sinking to its lowest low!! I believe we have to stand for what is right y this bathroom agenda at Target y schools y so far is just WRONG!! I believe in God y he does not want this insanity it is evil just like u said Richard coming up from the pits of hell..y must be stopped!! Time to boycott! Thank u for your insight y research to share with us..let's fight the good fight…we r almost at the finish line…God bless u…peace…

  10. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours bro. Absolutely despicable behavior being forcibly shoved down our collective throats by our psychopathic dictators. Shout from the rooftops my friend. Maranatha.

  11. Signed it yesterday also. My wife said she would never step foot in the door of walmart or target again. The one by our house already has unisex….I told her. They are just two bathrooms with I toilet in them and a sink. I don't give a S***, we will never be back.

  12. Silly bastards like Miley Cyrus don't have to endure public places in cities, so they couldn't give two flying fucks about promoting this filth. Cyrus has to be one of the most repulsive "celebrities" ever as well.

  13. I will never shop at a store that supports transgender bathrooms. This opens a can of worms. If it ever happened that a woman/man came into a bathroom I was in. Look out call the cops because it will get ugly.

  14. I was thinking what if I had my daughter on the changing table and some perv comes in …

    and her diapers down..

    I would have to say good bye to my husband because he would spend 20 to life for murder…

    I'm a Christian but there's a line ……………

  15. Target shareholders will reverse this when sales plummet. Now we await the first heinous crime to take place as a direct result of this policy. So, simple for Target to have "confused gender" bathrooms that are not main stream. Until then, watch sales sink. I'm a signer. fk Target.


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