A brief overview of Daniel 3:14+ for Lifeway’s Explore the Bible lesson for January 30, 2022, including some sample introductions, illustrations, questions for your class, and applications. Led by Shawn Thomas, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Angleton, TX.



  1. Thank you for your faithfulness each week, and practical applications and illustrations. Please pray for the ladies in our class, that they would return to church and to our adult Bible fellowship. Thank you.

  2. I appreciate your examples of ways to share this lesson. I already have the meaning of each of my class members printed. Using it to encourage my class to pray various Biblical characteristics for one another . . .

  3. Pastor Thomas, thanks for your help every week. Can you give me the correct spelling of the man’s name you told about who survived leukemia. I would like to look his post on Facebook.

  4. I do so appreciate your sharing with us. I have made it a point to include your illustrations and application points with my SS class. Blessings to you and your church.

  5. Pastor Thomas, it was nice of you to discuss their names and meaning in each language.

    Question, did your son enjoy his time at NGU?

    We are about 30 minutes away and so enjoyed their programs, when they were open.

    Thank you for all that you do…

  6. Thank you Pastor Shawn Thomas – I serve as the Associate Pastor for the Fairview Baptist Church in Statesville, NC. I appreciate your overview each week. This is one of the first places I come to just before studying the lesson for the week. I teach a Older Couples Sunday School Class in our church and help our teachers overview the lesson on Wednesday evenings. We appreciate all you do to provide these overviews for us. Thanks for praying for our ministry as we will also pray for you church and ministry as well.

  7. Thank you Pastor, there is a lot that can be used. I was unable to attend my church today because of the weather in South Carolina. I watched your church service and enjoyed it very much.


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