How to share the gospel with children?

Is Hebrews 10:25 transdispensational?



  1. Unfortunately, there are no rightly dividing churches where I live. I thank God that pastors such as yourself are putting videos on YouTube. There are a small handful of good dispensational pastors that I have been able to learn from and become firmly stablished in the gospel of Grace. Instead of a couple of hours a week at church, I have spent a couple of hours a day, for the last 5 years, learning about the mystery hidden in God that was revealed by Jesus Christ through the apostle Paul.
    So, thank you for what you do for those of us without a church. I would love to start a church. Right now I am trying to get some Jehovah’s Witnesses family members out of the cult of the Watchtower.

  2. It's going to affect your spiritual life if you think that staying in an apostate garbage false-teaching place, let me tell you. If you're afraid of leaving because you think you'll diminish in spiritual quality then maybe you've given your spiritual responsibilities over into the hands of mere men. There's not 1 out of 1000 churches today worth burning a pint of gasoline to drive to. It's like the mainstream media, it's all Seminary brainwashing under the guise of spiritual benefit or "fellowship" when it's actually spiritual abuse for the sake of money and mind control. Want to learn the truth? You have to get out of the denominational soft-cult system to actually free up your mind enough to see the KJV as it is written, to stop delegating your mind and soul to men and realize one is going to face God for themselves without anyone answering for their knowledge, their work, their understanding, their conceit or ignorance. Out of all the Saints I've tried to minister to over the years, the only ones who've actually opened their minds to learn where those who decided to stop the "churchianity system" and actually consider the decades of tradition just might not be correct. These were the ones who were open to change. The main enemy to understanding the scriptures is the mainstream church systems. They stop proper understanding, they stop God's Spirit, they stop the knowledge of dispensations and the correct KJV translation. If people feed on the pulpit once a week they'll never feed themselves. The church system today is a shell of what God intended it to be. The modern church is a zoo, full of wild animals that have no knowledge they don't belong in a cage being fed by zoo keepers.
    It's extremely rare what you're talking about Dave. There's only a few places in the entire USA that are properly KJV-grounded and understand the mysteries. The longer we remain on earth before the Trump sounds, it will get worse, not better.

  3. ❤ Batman on the cabinet on the right 😁👍 I like Green beans with my fellowship 😋 lol Thank You so much for the edification brother David❣ Maranatha 👐

  4. When i went to church I attended for many different reasons at many different times. Some times I wanted to go, sometimes I was dragged along, sometimes I skipped. Today's churches are very Laodocian… I finally found a church worth my time because you David are rightly dividing the Word of Truth, and exposing all the false teachings of many of the worthless shepherds.


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