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  1. I just found your channel from a commentor on Chris LaSalas channel called attackingsataninjesus name. This was a wonderful, fantastic message that sounds like my Pastors message. I have only listened to this one video and am so excited to find a preacher teaching obedience. I found at least 20 verses in the new testament that say obedience leads to salvation…some in different order but basically the same. When I first became a born again christian that is what got exactly from reading and studying my bible. That is why i love the verse the Holy Spirit lead me to in both the old and new testament that says " Abraham by faith through obedience Abraham was considered righteous". Thank you for your channel. I am disabled so when i am laid up in bed with lots of time to pray and read my bible and is nice to have someone else teaching the truth. I do not attend Pastor Lasalas weekly in person as he lives in Texas and i live in Virginia Beach but i have been listening to all his videos for years now. Many of them 20 times as he has a huge family, an auto immune disease and working very hard building visitor cabins and casting out demons all over the world and only preaches one message a week on Saturday which I look so forward to each week. I have found that he is the only preacher preaching the truth that is still alive today and I love, respect and admire him, his ministry, his family and congregational staff. I consider and will always consider Pastor Lasala to be my spiritual leader ,authority and Pastor. I have watched and heard him and his family walk and live what he teaches. I believe in his total doctrine and statement of faith. Sorry, I am not promoting Pastor Chris or do not mean to as he has instructed us not to promote him. I just had to say what I did because the person that lead me to your channel spoke baldly about my beloved Pastor. Again, thank you so very much for teaching this difficult truth that needs to be hammered into peoples heads. I look forward to listening to some of your other messages. Do you have a website that tells your doctrinal beliefs such as just a few of the following 1.Freewill or predestination? 2. Can you lose your salvation or are we living in the hope of our future salvation? The Trinity? And all the other basic born again Christian's beliefs. God bless you richly.

  2. I’ve been waking up my whole life…. my real awakening happened a year ago… all the lies. I’ll never look at the world the same. Levi I’m way down the rabbit hole. I’m laughed at by my brother n certain family members…. then I go silent. I feel very alone brother….. I’ve had so much info thrown at me at once and everything is connected. And it’s very scary how Ma y people r asleep. They judge me without even asking for the evidence. This world is full of ignorance. We’ve been lied to since birth. I forgive them for laughing at me. Thinkin I’m goin nuts. But they don’t realize what I know. I guess they call me an Empath. Cuz of what’s been going on with my awakening. I have no hate. No anger. Forgave everyone. It just went away. This is the real awakening. Meaning of life is LOVE. But people aren’t listening. Not all. But most. God Bless brother. I’m just goin thru a lot right now. On what to do. Which way to go. But whatever is deciddd for me. Atleast I have woken. And I have my faith

  3. i could not move in my dream and I said I'm the child of God you cannot touch me.and it did not work and i said why lord and a thought came up and said because of your unbelief for verly I say if you have faith like a grain of muster seed you shall say unto this mountain move hence forth and it shall move.Except this does not go out by Prayer and Fasting.so its because of my unbelief.


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