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  1. IME sorry IME not saying u r a bad person IME not saying u r doing Abad thing hear IME just saying u r given millions of a bad impression on the way u r saying things the India is to bring people closer to God not poling them ferther away from God and the way u r saying things just makes people feel bad about them selfs and u r giving people the impression that God is not a good person see millions of people no God sent is one and only son so that who ever shall believe in him shall not parish but have ever lasting life. John 3:16 but wat u r giving people the impression of is that u do not believe in that u believe that If u make one sin u go to hell millions of people are going to see that and loose their faith

  2. hi my name is Henry I just got done watching one of your vidiose about adultery I just figured I would reminds u send Jesus wallies upon the earth he came across a women that vomited adultary and she asked for forgiveness and she was forgiven Jesus died on the cross for our sins u their is only one unforgivable sin and that's taking the mark of the beast u just basically tolde millions of people that if commit sdultary can't be forgiven u r basically saying u r perfect and that u do not sin and adultary is looken upon a married women OK let's say u look upon a women and think sexuole fillings about her and then married and stay married to her for the rest of your life but u looked upon her and thought sexuole fillings about her before u married her is that still adultary

  3. I'm really trying to be open-minded and investigate this "Flat Earth", but no matter how many videos I've seen, there are some basic questions that cannot be answered by any Flat Earth model I've seen:

    1. If this was a Flat Earth, and I'm in North America, how does the sun go below the horizon at night, shine on Europe and the other part of the world, and then rise again in the morning, perpendicular to the horizon?
    I have a friend in England telling me it's daytime there, when it is in the middle of the night here.

    2. From the models I've seen, wouldn't the sun still be visible at night, just further away?

    3. Why is it so cold up here in Canada in the winter, and the daylight 8 hours shorter at the winter solstice, and the summer hotter, and the daylight longer at the summer solstice? Shouldn't the temperature be relatively the same all year round?

    These are just some of the questions that aren't answered by any Flat Earth model I've seen. Can anybody please provide answers to these questions that come from my actual observations and experiences?


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