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  1. we sNatch all videos u make as they come out. we r trying to find a church to attend regularly and we r Christians we live n Jacksboro Tennessee feel free to text me Praying. 4 U. God Bless

  2. I to agree time is running out I do have a couple of questions though my husband and I r trying to find a church that would b knowledgeable concerning these. end times I'm also praying and asking Jesu Christ to lead us to the right church to attend. We also watch all of urban videos as they come out feel free to text me would appreciate it.if u can help us find a church to attend regularly we live n Jackson' tennessee thank you and God bless we r praying for u and this ministry that many. many souls will seek and find the true Jesus Christ b4 it's too late

  3. If Christians focused everyday on the beating, humiliation,mockery , scourging of Jesus and him then being nailed to a cross through his wrists and feet and being in sheer excruciating agony beyond our wildest imagination and to meditate on exactly what it is to take on the full wrath of God for the filthy discusting sins of everyone who has ever lived and who is going to live , and to think on Father God giving us his only begotten son in this manner then maybe God's grace would not be taken for granted.
    Iife is not about us , it's about Jesus Christ, we are his everything so he should be our everything.

  4. It is really about having the right spirit, able to make the right connections, in having made the connection through Jesus; that we have the spirit to see the truth, to receive truth and go the way of God manifesting materiel truth "the kingdom" in going the way. That in taking upon the spirit of the way of God wholly in truth it manifest around us, even to transform the world in our having be transformed, of the spirit of the way. Its about having the right spirit wholly and continually, the spirit of the way of God manifesting materiel truth, even as his likeness, loving, in giving life, in recognizing the truth of the spirit of the way, recognizing the Father and Son: the saving grace of the Father.

  5. God bless you Levi.. may he strengthen your faith and give you grace. I have been guilty this last week.. my job today I struggled I made some mistakes, and the cook the rest of the day talk behind my back, even infront of my face to others, cursing me out funny cause in 17 and he's like 50 something. i felt really bad and ashamed of myself, I tried to stay on the right path, trying to be the better person,but he got to me, I told him shut up.. I knew I made a terrible mistake and decision.. I prayed and thanked God I even have a job, I just need to ignore and stay loving them, and not let them get to me. your videos help me, its been too long since I've truly tried walking holy.. I felt I was falling away, but you motivate me to not give up, and remind me God won't give up on his children

  6. Amen! Wow, powerful and convicting Pastor Levi. Thank you for being the "extremist" that you are because we need preachers/teachers like you to share that Fire of the Holy Spirit and to fan the flame within those of us who love and want holiness and to please our GOD-Jesus more than gratifying the flesh. Thank you again for this teaching, it clarified a lot.

  7. Powerful Message of HIS Truths…I've passed this onto others & asked them to do the same… More People Need to take this Seriously & Really Listen & Apply Jesus Teachings… If you Truly Believe you will Act upon it.. Praise HIS HOLY Name❤️


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