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  1. I was wondering if we could do a Biblestudie about music. I a m looking for an answer about what kind of Christian music you can listen according to the bible.
    I'm from the Netherlands, and the timedifirents between our countries is so big that I can't joyn jour chatgroop so I only watch your movies on youtube. so I hope that, if you make a movie about it, that you wil place it on your Channel.

    God bless you!

    (Ps. I hope that my english isn't so bad that you can't understand what I trie to tell you 😉 )

  2. You are so right in everything you say! I quit smoking last week….it wasn't easy….it still isn't…but I WILL NEVER smoke again, because I promised God! I live with the father of my boys…but in sin…we're not married and he doesn't want to repent…this is making it harder for me. I went to my priest and talked to him…and he told me just what you said: fast and pray without stop. So everyone that is ready to repent should do that! You will see the change! God bless everyone! Amen!

  3. I've never been in the chat room but I watch all of your videos brother…. Thanks for telling the truth as you obey GOD'S word …. Thanks for all of your videos BROTHER……

  4. I cant attend that mandela stuff . is a lie of the devil to confuse the christians. the mandela effect is a lie. The Bible is a holly is saint. The devil is a lier. DEVIL YOU he can change the movies but not the Bible.


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