298: On this episode of CCNT, Flippy meet Tiger, robots that recognize hugs, Doordash buys Chowbotics, Wormicorn robots, satanists $666 scholarship, AI to help federal spending, EU launches Deep Cube, NWO is Healthcare, Minnesota health care shooting, explosives go missing, Trump impeachment fiasco, more fulfilled Simpson predictions, 33 coconuts, Prospect 33, 33 dogs, robot mask police, big game hypocrite, CDC Wuhan report deconstruction, Space Pope Reptilian! #Robots #BibleProphecy #Future

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  1. Hi Basil and Gonz, I wanted to point out an error in your "Edelweiss new world order" news article segment.

    Fillip: noun
    1. something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

    "the halving of car tax would provide a fillip to sales"

    The usage in the article by Chakraborty:

    In the healthcare sector, the brokerage believes that the pandemic has given a major fillip to e-pharmacies and teleconsultation.

    It's clear the Indian writer had the correct usage of this word. It's not an obscure word by by any means, quite common in business reporting.


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