Prophetic dream on Terra Luna cryptocurrency. I was recently given a dream by the Lord God on Terra Luna. I also share in this video a prophetic word on xrp, basically something I heard from the Lord.



  1. The "shhhhh, be quiet!" means this to me:
    If the Israelites HAD told the Egyptians to dress up/disguise themselves as Israelites and go out and partake of the wealth transfer God instructed just to the Israelites, it would not have been what God wanted for the Promised Land.
    Think longterm how God wants to use the historic wealth transfer for His Kingdom. He's not interested in blocking your miracles and you should agree with Him.

  2. I used to be part of an xrp cryptocurrency Facebook page and last week the Lord told me to delete my Facebook account. People should not be on accounts with their real names because the hackers will know who to pursue and what city they are in

  3. Just a thought…. Japan’s Prime Minister was assassinated today (July 8th) while giving a speech. I wonder if thats why the Japanese men were crying and screaming in your dream. If that is the case then God could be using his death as a time indicator of when the price of Terra Luna will sky rocket or when God will release more wisdom. The fireworks 🎆 could represent July 4th when fireworks are popular. So that could be another time indicator. We’ll see!

  4. Toothpaste ?
    TRUTH PASTE ! 🙏🏻🌟
    (always looking for – need to find your – your short dreams are always about you applying wisdom/truth or searching for it – the tube of wisdom coming down from “above”.

    wisdom comes to you when you are switched off as we are when doing something like brushing our teeth –

    The Shhhh could represent the crypto mafia keeping XRP quiet so they benefit.

  5. You may have helped me interpret an open vision I had 10 years ago as I awoke from an afternoon nap. I saw a rocket blast off (like a scene from NASA) and I woke up singing "Fly me to the moon", the old Frank Sinatra standard. This is the first time I've made the connection between that vision and God leading me to invest heavily in crypto since November 2021, with my biggest holding being XRP. A few years later I had a divine download that God was going to deliver a huge chunk of money to finance projects he's put on my heart to do for the kingdom. So your dream appears to be confirmation that XRP will be the source of that money. I'm very excited.

  6. I think the aspect where you were asked to keep quiet represent, how this Lunc pump is not opened to the general world, sometimes God allows his children to participate in something's but not allow everyone to be involved, so that might be a symbolic representation of how they are not allowed to know.

  7. The people that are going to be reimbursed when they burn the coins know what will make the coin come back but that can’t tell other people , it’s part of the deal they made with the exchange going to do the coin burn .

  8. 3 days later you called it – you are the second one that has had a dream of terra luna taking off – xrp was cut off from trading so the now trading means the whole case is ending and trading will return ("now trading")

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  10. Funny enough, yesterday was the young moon as regards to the dream on 26th of June by the calendar. And Luna has been 35% up since then, Also 4th July marks the US day which is 7 days from now. Quite symbolic. I've been waiting on this day. Stacked on quite some Luna Ty ❤️

  11. Shhh in the dream means when God blesses you don't go telling every other tom , dick and hurry that God has blessed you because they will surely come for your wealth. Apostle Rosalind Solomon came online here on YouTube to warn against that. Also please watch her video titled you will know WHEN TO CASH YOUR LUNIC…
    Watch this title on ROSALIND SOLOMON page – (THE MARKET AND crpto coins PROPHETIC WORDS ( take a pen and paper! Prophetic word starts at around mark 25/18

    She also has more coins prophetic words which you may want to look at as well as other prophetic words. God uses her in a mighty way. Been watching her for nearly 10 years now i think!

  12. When Jesus healed a man he said to keep it Quiet but the man went and told everyone! That had consequences for how the Lord was ministering in that region. Just using this as an example to watch here.

  13. Have anyone experienced xrp falling dow to 0.25 already..i just saw a big time retracement up until 0.32 – 0.34. got some loses in consequence. So I'm just wondering if I had missed something ..? Had position open with the t/p at 0.26 ..but it has never reached this level.. is there something I have missed of the prophetic updates . ? Can anyone help with a feedback about it ?

  14. I feel like the giant toothpaste could mean a big short squeeze is being planned behind the scenes. If they know there is a burn being scheduled causing the price to rocket this would put pressure on the shorts squeezing them to buy in to cover their losses which would cause the price to go even higher. This could be why the toothpaste and the rocket were together.
    The guy saying Shhh could indicate this is being planned on the quiet.


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