Testing Prophecies for 2022

We have another round of prophetic words to test! As Charismatics ourselves we believe that it is necessary for us to follow all the Scriptures In the NT about practicing the gift of prophecy. Witch Includes 1 Corinthians 14:29 and 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22. We are biblically required to test the prophetic words that the prophets are giving, so that is what we will attempt to do.

In prior episodes we have judged words about 2021. and It’s relatively easy to say “that word is not prophetic” when it obviously did not come to pass. But what about the words given about 2022? How do we “test the Spirits” against scripture and our own discernment If the events have not happened yet? In this episode we want to help equip you to discern prophecy. It is our hope what is done publicly here can assist you in your own charismatic practice.

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  1. You guys sound really immature in some of your aspects. Outright FOOLERY. You two don't decide what a person should or shouldn't say and tell them they shouldn't be prophesying. You're causing division and sound self righteous in some areas. I'm disgusted as a believer and a prophetic person. God has different styles of prophesying thru people. I'd never wanna watch your channel again nor recommend it except as to tell other believers how not to be this smug. Very disgusting

  2. I have concerns about Chuck Pierce because some of his teachings and prophetic words seem to border on astrology and strongly remind me of horoscopes. A group I was in was reading one of his books and I said not for me.

  3. yeah, "kinda sounds" … even bad fortune tellers can make guesses that seem right. Stick to the bible and listen to John in Revelation. Chuck Pierce is a phony.

  4. I love that yall are teaching and applying discernment in this area!! I pray that this channel expands immensely. Yall are doing exactly what the church needs. Practicing the gifts in the correct ways! God bless you all.

  5. In the last days God has spoken through his son. For 5 minutes I can act like the most spiritual person on the Planet. Here is a word of wisdom. Eph 5, 11-13 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

  6. I’ve known prophetic words, prayers, and visions, dream. They were accurate, exact, and timely, and, they could not have been fulfilled but by God. Each time, no one was trying to be prophetic or acting prophetic, but rather, the prophetic happened without attempt, just occurring.
    There’s no similarity to those vague and uncheckable declarations.

  7. Joel also shows in verses 28-32 future prophetic events especially as we sre it further addresses in verse 31 the sun being turned into darkness etc which is said to take place in the last days… just sharing some thoughts that we may want to investigate… God's blessings guys

  8. What about the saying that 2022 is being said to be the 7th Shmita cycle… a year usually at rest/release? Certain pivotal events also seem to take place around Shmita cycles as well e.g it was said 2001- 9/11n economic decline etc… it is something we probably should research.. Could the first prophet's share be linked to that, we may have to humbly remember the jewish connection to our Messiah and how even He fulffiled certain feast days.. the military is something I saw in my dreams some years ago and we see the tyranny creeping in with recent events so its not to far fetched…

  9. The Bible says in the last days, there will be a great falling away. Seeing this now. But in other countries, millions are coming to Jesus. Iran is the fastest growing amount of people leaving Islam coming to Jesus. But I definitely see a following away in US.

  10. I've seen the real and the false. Thank God most of it has been the real. It's such a blessing when the gifts move by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. If God chooses to let you be used in this way, it is also a blessing. I remember David Wilkerson. He gave many prophecies throughout many years. Many came to past just like he said. But there are some that are yet to come to pass. The sign of a true prophet, if the thing they prophecy comes to pass. If it doesn't, they are a false prophet. A true prophet is correct 100% of the time.

  11. God gave me 2 dreams of Russian submarines of the coast of U.S. and they came ashore , first dreams was 20 years ago, second dream was recently. God has shown many CHRISTIANS MANY YEARS AGO that Russia and China will unite and DESTROY AMERICA. This WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN.

    Prior to that, God showed me in a dream the fall and rise again of Jimmy Swaggart's ministry before he fell. I saw Jimmy fall in a race and hoards of people left his church, with many other ministers falling also but Jimmy got back up and finished the race. I called his headquarters to report what God has shown me, but no response. America will be DESTROYED.

    Many prophecies on YouTube are by people who want to be seen, prophesying out of the imagination of their hearts.

  12. So maybe this will help you out. There is a gift of prophecy- this is what your expressing as more a desire to be seen in the church- there are ministers with a prophetic anointing on them – ministries that flow strongly in prophetic and will be able to speak into your life and their words should be judged more strictly. Then there is the office of a prophet- and they do operate on a national and regional also directional for the church .Can give words of correction. Real prophets will not be found on YouTube . Unless they happened to get taped at a place where they are ministering.

  13. There are many accurate prophets. I think you should consider looking for some that are true and judge theirs. Joshua Giles author of prophetic forecast is one of those that is clear, accurate, and legitimate. He predicted the pandemic, variant changes in timely manner, financial shifts in a clear and concise manner among other things

  14. Honestly, when someone is giving a prophet word and they are talking fast and not pausing between sentences, like they're riffing or ranting – that's a red flag to me that they are possibly speaking from their own passion and excitement rather than from the Spirit of God. Every time I have received a prophetic word that was confirmed and reliable, the person giving the word spoke clearly, calmly, and was in no hurry to get their words out, which indicates that they have paused to reflect on what they heard God say and are carefully considering how they articulate it.

  15. Every prophecy that is wrong does one of two things:
    1. Makes God a liar, because He lied to them about what will happen
    2. Makes the person who made the prophecy a liar, because he lied about hearing from God.
    Since none of these have/will come true my vote is #2. Quit sending your $ to these false teachers and find a real church.


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