1. This is amazing because back in March my wife and I started looking at land in southern Tennessee in the foothills just north of Madison county AL because I felt drawn there and I felt that we needed to move into a more rural area. It is amazing because back at that time I wasn’t nt even following Perry Stone but the Spirit was already working. Amen!

  2. Back when I used to be into conspiracy theories and the same that was “going to happen” September 23 in 2015 once it did not happen , oh it must be 2016 and so on now it’s 2020 and still the same

  3. Bro. Perry, I've been watching you for a few years now and I believe you are a genuine man of God who fears God and listens to God. I am also a Spirit Filled believer. I trust you and believe you speak truth. There are so many voices out there who are saying they heard from God or had a vision and they are conflicting reports. One says God showed him the decade. Tom Horn says he saw a meteor hit the earth 2029. How can this be? Is Jesus coming before the meteo hits or are we going to live through it? I believe Jesus is coming back very soon. Sooner than the end of the decade. I know you don't know no one does, but in Rev. it talks about a great multitude that one one could number in white with palm branches in their hands. "These came out of great tribulation" is this us? If Revelation is linear, can this be us, because this is before the seals and trumpets. Could it be that we are going to go through "great tribulation", but not "THEGreat Tribulation.

  4. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is more relevant than ever Before !! This prophecy, also goes along with mark Taylor's Prophecy, about President Trump.. It's Time for Denominational walls, and barriers to be broken down. We are a Church of many members. That must form one Body !! God's Calling for his People !! Are your listening, and Praying ???

  5. Some weeks ago I answered a thread on line where people were fearful of Covid, not saying I am brave. The Virus was still in China and getting out of hand. I answered calmly which seemed slightly out of character for me. But That to delay the virus and to give the medical professionals a chance to get ahead of the Virus and to build up supplies they needed to end the flights from China. this was not racist…And that summer was coming and the virus would run into summer. I had not thought in advance about summer and realized that this was added by someone greater than I. Then I thought the whole post was inspired by God…
    I asked God to teach me how to pray for the virus, so that I would not fight against God. I prayed for the children and the innocent and the fatherless and the widow and the righteous that God would help them. Then I heard that God had spared the children from the greatest affects… This has happened with no other pestilence in history, to save the children. Apparently they can still get the virus but suffer very much less from its affects.
    Well The original message said, I remember , would crash on the shores of summer… This did not end but slow greatly…The the children suffered less. I think there is a reason that This particular virus is very susceptible to good levels of available Vitamin D in the human system. In the children with a good milk diet and little aging damage to deplete the vitamin and good absorption of this vitamin and little fat, less fat the children have relatively high levels of Vitamin D, parents have a habit of fighting rickets…
    Older people with absorption problems, and high levels of fat, and whose snow white bodies haven't seen a strong summer sun in generations, and which suffer from secondary ailments that indicate low levels of Vitamin D have are in great danger from Covid 19. Other viruses crash of Summer as seasonal flu. This virus crashes on the existing vitamin D in children as no other flue does so that it is even more, perhaps greatly more susceptible to Ultraviolet sun and vitamin D therapy…
    I heard a small voice yet a voice say, " God is a merciful God". I answered " I will see the mercy of God."..Now I feel he has shown me, and I doubt that I am the only one, the reason children suffer less from ccp, and that the summer sun and Vitamin-D therapy correctly designed will help his people with this pestilence and other problems associated with the lack of available vitamin D in their bodies… Does God fight against this pestilence with mercy… This is very logically why the children are greatly spared. Glory to him whose ways are very much higher than mine…

  6. I asked the Lord just over 15 years ago to help me get out of America. I have been living in South East Asia for 14 years now and i couldn't be more blessed.
    It is very comforting knowing the Lord will answer prayers, and when He Blesses you nobody will get in your way to cut you down…
    there is very little panic buying here and the stores are well stocked of all the items we need. The food here grows well in this tropical climate and it is very reasonably priced. Last Tuesday I purchase 300 eggs at a local open air market for the children's home and i paid only $38 dollars! Most Americans don't know what they are missing.

  7. This man is claiming that God the Holy Spirit is speaking through him. We can know that this is a lie because that would make it scripture and we know that scripture closed with the apostle John. The scripture God gave to us is fully sufficient and because of this we know this man is a liar. This is disgusting.

  8. It's RUMORED on March 21, 2020 from the news media that potentially next week a two week national shut down of all non-essential services…What's amazing about this, if this happens, is everyone will be quarantined in their homes from a plague on Passover to prevent a Plague of Death…is God not coordinating this event? ONLY God could have this happen at this time of year on Passover–THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE!

    Whether you believe it or not another Exodus is Coming as so well described in your September 13, 2015 Prophecy. I don't know when, but one is coming to protect God's people and to prepare them for the Wheat Harvest Rapture to meet Jesus in the air. And you feeling like you've been out there for months is the 42 months Tribulation period and at the 7th Trumpet the church will be ready to meet Jesus in the air!

  9. What is happening in the world right now is modelled after what happened during 9/11 where the enemy was an invisible one – the "terrorists" which could pop up from "sleeper-cells" at any time and so, the public could never identify the enemy. This was the first instance in which we saw the "invisible enemy" entering the world stage.

    Now we have the next stage, where every person could become the enemy of society. A person could have an asymptomatic infection and be spreading the virus to those who are still healthy – truly an invisible enemy.

    This, however, has been shown to us overwhelmingly through the media as being part of the plan of our enemy, Satan, who is now executing a plan that he showed to us even what comes next after the health issue – including the heavenly signs that will bring fear over the world that have not been experienced on the earth before.

    I hope these videos below will bless you where more information is provided.


  10. The thing that troubles me is the music and even the lighting seems to be hypnotic or too "soothsaying." Almost like when you're on a "romantic date" being seduced with the environment exploiting your emotions. It seems contrived. Does anyone else notice ministries using this as a "prop"? Not specifically this man but in a generalized way? Also a lot of ministries going by "feelings" goosebumps, etc. The simple truth of unadorned Scripture doesn't need Hollywood "scenery" to "sell" or merchandise Jesus.


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