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  1. I thought the guy on the left was appearing in virtual reality! He's got such a yellow silhouette! Anyway I always said this Lockdown should have ended by now. It is because in May 2020 the UK Government 'Boris' said " Children should return to school from the 1st of June 2020." So anyone with sense should be saying " If kids are returning to school with their little immune systems, then Covid-19 is gone. Things are much better now so it's safe for adults to return to how life was…all pubs, exam centres and Breakfast bars can open now." But what do we find? This is not the case…the Government is looking 'Incredibly suspicious now!' I do believe it is now Bill Gates quest to get the population down as he wants….'depression leads to suicide plus I bet Heart disease has sky rocketed. People eating more and smoking more as they are on Lock down and their jobs ended due to the Corona threat!'


  3. You guys are SPOT- ON with these parallels! In Egypt, it was a future vision of today. When the people had nothing left to give, they gave their bodies and became servants of Pharaoh. One can translate this to the collapse of the dollar, the unployment skyrocketing and the poor (99% of us!) being forced into a cashless society. Pharaoh and the antiChrist? Servants and world, it's bebachery from Hollywood has corroded MANY other societies and many nations have become rich from her. She is also 'surrounded by waters' and is the youngest nation on the globe. John saw a nation he had never seen before..he was unfamiliar and, to him, Babylon was the closest thing he could compare it to. If Babylon was the first thing he thought of, God help us – and you know he won't! This Mystery Babylon will also be invaded and defeated by 'Gog and Magog' (China and Russia?) I think so. Food is about to go through the roof price-wise and hunger causes desperation. Desperation causes panic and panic causes war! We're seeing all of these things now. If you think, for one moment, that Bill Gates is going to fund a magical vaccine and this is all going to 'just die out' and normalcy will return, you are sadly mistaken! Ecclesiastes says it all. What has happened before WILL happen again. And, only part of that is due to our not learning from our history. God causes history to repeat for many reasons. One IS our hard-headedness..but, also, it's to show His people what is to come. Wisedom is God given and most aren't going to 'get it'. Most are going to be just like the Egyptians. Hunger is going to drive things to the point of anarchy. As Christians, we are not to be concerned about any of this though. Yes, we will be the prime targets but God will protect us. We are not to fear..we are to maintain our faith and remain strong until the end. That day and hour is for HIM to decide. Thank you, Jesus, for what you have done, do today..and, what you are about to do – for me..personally! Each of us have His name written on Him in blood, His blood! Now, that's what I call a best friend!

  4. You too together are a BLESSING, with your individual uniqueness coming together in such harmony! Oh, I PRAY God use ya’ll (Southern) mighty! He already has by my watching your video. I can’t wait to see what else God’s going to do through ya’ll. Praise God! On another note….Eccles 3:15 That which has been is now;….Praise God! For giving us direction and insight!

  5. Please do not forget that the increased deaths we see in today's time is not because of a disease pandemic but more because of the baby boomers coming of old age and the proportion of deaths is mathematically related.

  6. Thank you brothers. Such a beautiful bible study. Although I read the story of Joseph and his brothers many years ago. These days I did not make the parallels with the covid crisis. It's all right there. Thank you again. Keep up the good work in Jesus name.

  7. Economy is in Control by God- HE controls Principalities❤️☦️⚔️🙏
    We are in ACTS 2:17~~~~~~~one of the messengers of the HolySpirit, JESUS, is God’s Handmaiden, who is on U-tube, who is preparing the Land for 2 REFUGE SITES for all Christians! In REV1- under Church
    Of Smyrna- 5 WORDS:God said “ Some will be taken and ..,..(some will leave to go to a s Refuge Site
    Where all will be protected from the enemy❤️⚔️⚔️⚔️


  9. Give your life to Jesus Christ. Believe and pray:
    "God, I know that I am a sinner and unless you save me I'll be lost forever. I believe that Jesus Christ is the true Son of God, died on the cross for my sins and arose on the 3rd day. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
    Just not sure about it? Then say aloud,
    "Jesus Christ, if you are the Truth, then reveal yourself to me."
    What do you have to lose?

  10. I’m an RN who has networking over the US, and hospitals everywhere (including in NYC) are more than half empty. Please read whole message and copy and paste to others, you won’t be disappointed.

    There is inconsistency with what they say, and their story does not hang together with itself. We must utilize logical and scientific analysis with this situation. If their claims are reduced to absurdity, we have a moral duty to ignore them. They claim this virus is airborne, and yet tell people to socially distance and wear basic surgeons masks as if that would help against airborne particulates. Those masks only help protect against droplet (say it, don't spray it), and if wearing a mask, you should be able to give people hugs. You'd not need to worry about hugging, even without a mask, as long as the person doesn't sneeze or cough on your face. If it were airborne, with a hang time of a few minutes, a person could be a football field away, and you could still inhale this micro-particulate. And when it eventually settled to a physical surface, surfaces would be contaminated. This means (if they were consistent), grocery stores would not be open (even sanitizing all food items every hour would not be good enough), every animal (squirrel, raccoon, bird, deer, BATS, etc) in the wild would need to be caught and tested, and you'd not be allowed to breath if you live in a big city like NYC (the solution is to just stop breathing or die, because you aren't allowed to move). Also, once you test the animals in the wild or pets, you may have just transmitted it to the animal (because you can supposedly transmit unknowingly while not having any symptoms), and therefore, we just need to kill every animal in the wild, sanitize sidewalks and lawns, etc ( as once it settles outside, the wind could kick it back up in airborne mode). This is nothing more than irrational fear used to control people, at any time, as supposed new strains of this or that boogeyman can arise and even without symptoms, you can supposedly be an international threat to humanity, for just existing, UNLESS you COMPLY… And if it is not airborne, and just droplet transmissible, then just have everyone wear a mask when closer than 6 feet to each other (for a few months). Shutting down society is not only illogical, and unscientific, but immoral (way more suffering and death will happen due to shutting down, than even the contrived numbers they attribute to the oogie boogie virus.

    This brings me to another issue I have, in how they supposedly knew there was an outbreak at all. With such a basic symptomology of cough, fever, and weakness, and in more severe cases, shortness of breath, there would have never been any way for them to know the origin or source of this supposed organism. There would be no way to know of “patient zero.” There would have to likely be 1/2 a million or more cases worldwide before there’d be enough of a red flag raised in order to dig deeper and find out what is going on. The umbrella of diagnosis is large enough to cover several hundred thousand extra deaths with flu, pneumonia, etc, without any suspicious warrant to bring in groups like WHO or CDC. That they supposedly “know” the source being a Market in Wuhan and bat soup, is tremendously suspect and doesn’t line up with the reality of the details of our normal operations of things. Add to this, that for all I’ve been taught in my nursing school microbiology classes, etc, separating us (social distancing) will only make this problem more drawn out and lengthy. Herd immunity is a principle which encourages us to mingle, so that people who have stronger immune systems produce autoimmunity through exposure and then become zero threat to those with compromised immune systems. So why in the hell aren’t we just recommending to have the very aged or those with immune dysfunction, to stay socially distanced or to wear a mask? Hmmm…

  11. This is a nice exhortation but y’all are on the late show. The churches need to organize the people into storing up food both in their own homes and at the churches. Classes in First Aid, small animal husbandry, growing food and basic home repair should be happening now. Instead, there is no response from the churches!! And, they are setting the ppl up to suffer unnecessarily (O don’t mean there wouldn’t be hardships and that eventually there would be nothing more we could do for God’s Word must not be void). God is a God of patterns; He has made a lot out of a little MANY times in Scripture and will do so again in the End Times. There is no GOOD reason why the ppl will have to start in suffering except that CHURCHES ARE ASLEEP!!

  12. It is surprising to me how few Christians realize the parallels of the account of Joseph and what is happening. The churches have not responded and it is plain as day!! I tried more than a year and a half ago to wake up certain churches to start organizing the ppl to store up food in their homes and the churches, NO RESPONSE! Many, many, if not MOST, believers will be lost because the church has offered NO COVER! We are almost out of time. If you are reading this: 1) Store up food in your homes and cars; 2) Start growing whatever food you can and start small animal husbandry; 3) Urge your church leadership to organize the congregation and put pressure on other congregations. DO THIS NOW! There is nothing in scripture that says the hardship HAS to begin so terribly. It is going to be so because the churches are ASLEEP.

  13. Those names and title's are PAGAN NAME'S and titles!!! I have received this understanding by HIS indwelling RUACH HA QODESH, HIS spirit and it has been laid on my heart to share this with all Christian's!!! Those Christian name's and title's that are used are evil and disgusting, blasphemous name's and title's! The Greek language came AFTER all of our tongues were confused and we all were separated according to our own nation's and languages. The end is revealed OUT OF the beginning! And the beginning is revealed OUT OF the end!!! This means that we can go back to the beginning and THERE is where the truth is because it is at it's purest form and this makes sense about us being able to learn from the past… I hope and I pray that YHWH our Elohim will reveal Himself to you and HIS MIGHTY name! I have a testimony of how I came to know this. But I don't want to share that yet… I want to wait on YHWH our Elohim to guide me further by HIS indwelling RUACH HA QODESH in sharing this with you all my brothers and sisters. This I am doing out of love for HIS Truth, exposing the lies and deception and not cover the truth with the lies, deception and confusion of satan and his minions with their religions as ALL religion is wicked and of the doctrines of men and tradition's of men. I can send links if you want to look to see for yourself. And how do I know this is true? Because this is NOT of my own doing! I wasn't trying to make sense of it all, it really just made sense and also since I found out what HIS name is, I have really grown and my love for HIM and for The Truth really burns HOT for HIM in my heart. My heart is so on fire for YHWH our Elohim more than my whole life as a believer and that's about 29 year's or longer seeing how I just knew at 4 year's old that there is a God a Creator, all by looking at the tree!!! I'm telling you, those who Honor HIS MIGHTY name and call HIM by HIS name HE loves and provides and blesses those who He knows. When I first thought about what is HIS name I felt foolish because I never really thought about it and I like ALL of us, was lied to and brainwashed by the darkness and confusion of this world, Christianity and religion and ALL of the traditions of man which are holidays. ALL of them from Christmas and even our birthdays we are not supposed to take part in these traditions!!! And ALL who call on the name of YHWH our Elohim and confess that Yuhshua IS The Messiah and Master of them, will be saved. The Greek language and scribe's twisted phrases around and added and taken away from the Father's Word including HIS MIGHTY name, YHWH, The Son's name Yuhshua and The Spirit which is RUACH in Hebrew. There's so much that none of us know but there's so much that we, HIS children do know and ONLY know what He has given us to know. HalleluYah 🎯 HE has given me a discerning spirit AFTER I chose to Honor HIS Blessed name and accepted The Father's, The Son's and The RUACH, name of HIS Spirit and HIS MIGHTY Word! Shabbat Shalom dear beloved Brother's and Sister's in Elohim only HE can give us the understanding and desire and the patience to research this and it's all HIM, YHWH our Elohim who does the rest from that moment forward but ALSO beforehand! 💗🔥💗🔥💗🔥☝🏾⛺👣🗣️🏞️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🎯


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