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  1. God bless πŸ™ I so love all of you ! We have to stay strong I Our faith , We are in the beginnings of tribulations?Right?These Times will get unlike as seen and will never be seen again,I pray for my 4 children and 14 grandchildren , I do my best to teach my tiny humans of God !Imiss your videos dear,I watch for them everyday ,,I can listen to you for hours!My daughter has been blessed as with her husband and their 3 little ones ,they had to relocate with this housing crisis ,they are in Boise Idaho ,well their neighbors are the most glorious family , they are from Zimbabwe!!They have 7 children and they are my grandkids and daughters best friend !I believe God sent them to save my daughters life ,she great pain from being molested at 6 yrs of age ,she struggles with alcoholism,she’s beautiful young very good mama successful,she’s doing very well and I believe from her new family ,She is going to Church now with our God send family πŸ˜­πŸ™Praise be to God ,My Kids are teaching our new family how to grow a garden ,canning and Fidel is teaching us about life in Zimbabwe,Thanks be to God for bringing them to Boise πŸ™πŸ™I just wanted to share that I am so grateful for what you do ,God bless you allπŸ™

  2. There is already a church in Atlanta who requires their church members to of course not only wear masks but to be vaccinated and have to provide proof of their vaccination status in order to attend service. Sad times and people were actually complying.

  3. People have definitely become more aggressive in many ways after their jabs. I'm a general contractor who does flood and fire restoration and I have quite a few customers per year and I have definitely seen people get weird since getting the jab…


    The Sabbath Challenge: How Jesus conquered the world and satan tries to suppress the evidence.

    In this series called "THE SABBATH CHALLENGE", I appeal to 2 infallible arguments that prove JESUS IS LORD over all nations and the "gods" of the nations. Both premises are as such:

    1- The God of the Hebrews makes exclusive claims to the Sabbath, which is directly linked to the 7-day cycle. (Note that all nations kept a different weekly cycle for the worship of their false gods)

    2-The God of the Hebrews prophesied the universal application of the sabbath, which is directly linked to the 7-day cycle, His sign and the means by which He demonstrates His authority over all nations, whether earthly or heavenly, ipso facto rendering void the worship of the gods of the nations by the replacement of their weekly cycle.

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