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27:53 – Humanitarian Story
33:39 – Prayer & Ministry Story

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Musician, television host and cancer survivor John Tesh provides an inside look at “Tesh TV.” Plus, a wife is told to say goodbye to her husband on life support. See how he defies the odds on today’s 700 Club.

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  1. Where did the Gunman get $4,000.00 Cash to buy the Gun’s? It’s more than that Children are being born with bad & Genes & DNA that is inherited from there Parents. You need to go back to when babies are born something is really going wrong at Birth with Children!!

  2. These Xbox and Playstation have games on them now that are very violent these games and the violence in movies too . I believe are brain washing these kids minds these days we're in

  3. The drone segment was missing a very important point. These tip based jobs are the one chance less able ppl have to make a living. Our buisnesses aren't only valuable for the merch they provide, they are also valuable for the jobs they provide. How many more homeless before we stop being clueless. Buisnesses should not pay taxes as long as they are providing max jobs, min robotic assist.

  4. Nope!!drones nope….should nt be allowed so much freedomxxxxxxxno!!!!!!they are goin to become dangerous an should only be allowed, in certain circumstances" …no no no !

  5. Senator Murphy, what we have done is we, America, have turned our backs on The Living God. And to "Beto," doesn't New York have gun control laws? How's it working out for them?

  6. 5/26/22
    Holy Spirit; Directed My Eye; Harpazo

    I am lying here in bed being attacked extremely bad and in my distress I said "Oh God".
    Then it was like the Holy Spirit pulled my eye abruptly and made me look at the clock and it read 726.
    God Bless You! Get Ready To go!

  7. Are all these people spiritually blind nothing is going to change until this country puts God back in charge even those that call themselves pastors and leaders are blind to this on the contrary things will get worst without acknowledging God as head gun control is a waste of time stop promoting agendas that go against the word of God

  8. It's another time to set a goal for the year, one need to set goals and take bold steps in achieving them. Remember success is not obtained overnight, you have to stop procrastinating and try what you have always wanted to improve in you're life and well being. Investment will take you closer to your dreams.

  9. I can't even watch any of this without crying. My lord be with these families and all who feel their heart breaks. Please Father comfort everyone and send your angels 🙏 please. Have mercy on us all. I am your humble servant and this is my prayer.


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