Paula White delves into scripture to teach on specific topics relevant to our Christian walk. In this episode, Paula discusses how God uses dreams to speak to and guide us.



  1. If you remarry and your not a widow isn't that sin in God's eyes? I heard we can only remarry if our ex dies…? The church needs to teach this more so people won't be getting a divorce and remarrying..

  2. I had a dream a week and half a ago. I was getting married and was nervous the groom wasn't there yet. when the groom showed up I was so relieved in happy, I saw in the dream august 21 2021 as the date, but I did not see us get married, I married someone I knew in the dream

  3. I never have dreams about world tradegies I have dreams about people the only dream that came true is how my mom died and how my nephew was going to live at her house

  4. God's speaks all the time his messages are floating in all around ,what we have to do is tune our SELF that's it .the moment we tune our SELF we start receiving god's messages in any means HE feels so to communicate with us.

  5. God gave me a dream.. I saw my self going up in the clouds and a voice told me MY TIME IS NEAR🙌🏼 Everything in the bible is happening REPENT PEOPLE GOD LOVES U AND WANTS TO SAVE U.. there is no one else who can save us but HIM 💞

  6. God spoke to me through a dream to pray for my children and one week after they got kidnapped I never thought they would ever leave my parents .I believe God speaks to us.


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