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  1. Please compile a video specially to understand the mark of the beast. Is it the vaccine? Is it something else? When will it come? What happens if my family takes it because we are Hindus from India. They know nothing of this 666 and they will probably take it. In fact many Hindus and Buddhists, who are otherwise good human beings, and many other non Christians will take it.
    I trust you. I trust your information and research abilities. I really like your channel. May God bless you.

  2. The death experience has not brought me to any religion or belief in Jesus, Mohamad or any God(s). Allauh Akbar was the last words I heard coming from about 300 Arabic mouths just before a Turkish Airliner near crash. Gabriel is an Hispanic trump playing Saint who seems to like the galactic tune La Cucaracha.

  3. Please sister Sylvie🙏
    I would very much like to make my first YouTube video reading some poetry about prophecy. I think I'm very good at this but that's not for me to judge. And then share it with everyone at newearth, as the poetry theme is about and mentions new earth 🙏😇

  4. [ BRITTISH ISLES RISES AGAINST WORLD CONQUERING CHRISLAMIC™ LORD Y.H.W.E. – "New reign for the English land when suddenly, Death will come to strike those who have in hand the helm. For England it will become very hard and wills will not be in agreement. England will have betrayed its people under the empire of a queen on her descent, ways will not happen as the Lord requires."………1884 prophecy BEFORE the worst start in Europe? ]

  5. An opportunity to say hello to Sylvie! Hello and thank you for making the most interesting videos in the history of youtube!

    Personally, I lean heavily on the teachings of Ramana Maharashi and Anandamayi Ma.

    "Whatever comes to pass, it's alright."

    The whole world is the mind, the end of which is just another illusion and not a bad thing either. We can also gather from the NDE experiences that the dramatic war between good and evil is a stage play of great interest right now, but ultinately just a dream to wake from. If said dream reaches an absolute low, enlightenment must come in that same instant.

    But I agree that, to my surprise, it seems the story unfolds very much like Revelation and the Bible predicts…

  6. Hearken unto me, my people,
    And give ear unto me!
    Lift up thine eyes to the heavens,
    And look upon the earth beneath:
    For the heavens shall vanish away like smoke,
    And the earth shall wax old like a garment,
    And they that dwell therein
    Shall die in like manner:
    But my Kingdom shall be forever,
    And my Law shall not be abolished.

  7. Hey can you please make a video explaining why some Christians consider pagan/Vedic gods like Shiva and Kali to be demons, who are worshipped by satanists, like in cern?

  8. Have you considered that these prophecies might come true only because they was written down and preached by priests and people like you then manifesting in the collective consciousness.? is there a part of you that wants this to happen?

  9. You have mentioned a book called the book of valice in other videos. I am probably getting the name of the book wrong due to your accent. It is a book you claim is still required reading in some european universities. the book supposibly contains information about advanced civilizations in our past that were not edited out in the middle ages. Again the name of the book sounds like the book of valice. Could you please let me know the name of the book? I would like to read the book.

  10. Thanks for opening the comments section. Have you heard the prophecies of Abhigya Anand? His youtube channels are Consciousness and Awaken Consciousness. He predicts very bad things from november 2020 to november 2021.

  11. Great you opened the comment. I appreciated the "Survivors Series"!!!! It was the best! I feel so sorry it was taken down.
    These prophecies…. I dont know what to think of it. It oscillates between predictive programming and true predictions. And i do hope it can be stopped. The 'disappearing chinese soldiers'…..!!!! Those probably went underground travelling at light speed to the european borders. The tradewar is real.
    Another thing i wondered about : in the past you have expressed critic to Jezus the Christ. Now I hear you say unapoligetic about the coming of Christ. I met the Christ once in a dream… It is in my top 3 of life experience ❤️🙏🏻🕊…. Nothing like him. I love your work…. Keep going ❤️

  12. Hi Sylvie, the last time I saw Jesus and got to visit with him was about half
    way through November in 1997.He told me that it would be 20 years, maybe more, but probably not more than another 5 years.He wants everyone that belongs to him to have the best life possible before he comes and gets them out of here and it can't be good the way it is. Everything is in the hands of (God)Jesus,there is
    no reason for him to be reborn, he is alive and well now,he has been ever since shortly after his transfiguration, I have had physical interaction with him myself. I don't see how any of the prophecies that you have mentioned are from God including the ones from the bible, I don't count the bible as the word of God, it appears that it is the creation of the Roman emperor Constantine, not the prophets of God(Jesus), I only believe what Jesus tells me because he cannot be corrupted. One of the guys on Praveen Mohans channel accused me of trying to make a zombie out of Jesus, if he thinks Jesus has to be born again maybe that's why, or maybe he thinks he he is still dead. Jesus asked me to tell you and everyone else that he is real, he is alive,
    and that he loves all of you, I care about you too.
    I would not trust Alexander Paramonov, considering
    everything he is more than likely tied in with the vatican and the wicked elite that have ruled this earth for thousands of years or whatever it has been. Do you have e any idea how many people have that name? Tons.

    Here is a message I sent Trump shortly after the slaughtered nearly all those people
    in Paradise California:
    "No Trump is not working to help the people, he is a puppet of the pope and
    the New World Order. The United States and all of it's authority and powers were dissolved on March 9th 1933 by the emergency banking act. Trump has no authority to do anything. I was ordained and anointed by Jesus Christ himself
    in November of 1997 to be your king. You Tell Donald Trump that I command
    him in the name of Jesus Christ(Yeshua hamashiach) to surrender this nation to me now, if he will not this nation will be totally destroyed by the hand of God and not by Satan, the people he is really working for, or anyone else.
    Furthermore I also command him in the name of Jesus Christ to call the queen
    ,the pope,and the leaders of Israel and tell them I command them to surrender all they control in this earth over to me or the same will be done to them. Lastly for now I command him in the name of Jesus Christ to call all the governors and order all taxation on the common people to be cancelled and allodial titles to be sent to all property/land owners now, the corporations will be forced to pay any taxes that are paid. The results of all your elections are null and void, there will be no more elections, God(Jesus) will be the one to make the rules and he will see to it that I do what needs to be done for everyone. I am your king, do as I command."

    Jesus corrected me a day or so after I posted this an told me he actually had
    chosen and anointed me before I was born. the letter was supposed to cover all the nations, I counted on the vatican being in control of pretty much all of them since they are just a continuation of the old Roman empire, only now they are hiding behind God(Jesus) using others to do their dirty work so noone sees their dirty deeds and the blood on their hands.
    My visitations with Jesus started before I was born, I did not know anything about the concept of God at that time, I just liked the old guy , he was a kind sweet old guy, down to earth and easy going. He has visited me periodically all the way through my life but he never showed himself to me as a human image before I had asked him to come in my souls and save me from my sins so I could be with him forever when I was 6.
    One of the reasons everyone does not get to see him is because every time he ever has visited me where he appeared to me as a human image and at least part of the other times too, after he disappeared and was not as heavily concentrated around me, Satan has attacked me and tortured me continually day and night for years afterward. Although I grew up in a so called Christian church, I don't consider myself to be a Christian, but I do believe that Jesus is God and I do follow him. Christian and Christ are just generic words/terms. Thanks you Sylvie for allowing comments this time, I hope you read this,Jesus loves you.
    I totally forgot to mention the 7 year peace treaty between the antichrist and Israel, that has already been done several years ago between the vatican and Israel, Joseph Biden was the one bringing it together, I don't remember when it was, I will try to find out, it was done in secret and when it was complete they proclaimed it to be a failure, but it was in reality a success. Israel and the Romans are cousins, they were brothers initially, Esau and Jacob(Israel) . The antichrist is the pope of Rome, the Roman emperor Constantine was the first antichrist and every pope has been "The Antichrist" for their time, look what they did to the Cathars and many more. The first antichrist is the one who had the first 25 bibles written and all the bibles since then have come from those first 25 but with some revisions. They are also supposed to be responsible for the creation of the Koran, I'll ask Jesus about that the net time I get to visit with him.

  13. How accurate is the timeline for these prophecies? Could it be that some of the events already happened in the past such as yellow powder from airplanes – Operation Orange in Vietnam which immediately skinned anyone who came in touch with it. Likewise indiscriminate bombing and massive devaluation of currencies in countries like Cambodia, poisoning of rivers and deformed babies etc. in this region. The coming events are so terrible to fathom one wishes its already over. But like you said, its the reasonable ones, whose heart and consciousness is awakened, can be the ones to bring the balance while aligning with the divine will for a new world. Thank you very much for all the information, really appreciate your channel.

  14. Thank you for enabling comments. I hope everyone here in the comments will behave civilly. Thank you for all the videos you have shared with us. One of my favorite videos that you have made is the video detailing the architecture in St. Petersburg. I think your paintings are beautiful and amazing. Peace and love from Florida, USA.

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