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  1. This seems to mirror those that fought the worship of the bread and the wine during the protestant reformation. Reading foxes book of martyrs might just be good for any who haven't read it to help prepare for what is coming.

  2. Thank you for continuing to expose this guy's teachings. On top of teaching that Jesus turned into the 1611, he uses gnosticism/gematria and 'secret knowledge' to entice people into believing that they need to know the 'hidden' information that he presents in order to be born again. I have sat down and watched a few of his videos, and they are extremely gnostic. This is very dangerous for people who don't have the discernment to see through it. We are excited for the bible study this Saturday

  3. When I met Jesus 16 years ago when I killed myself I was stepping into hell and he stopped me and one thing he told me was his own people do not know his word and he told me exactly what he meant by that how misguided teachings have been going around for generations and I know exactly what it is I teach you on my channel but it's right there in the Bible but people miss it another thing he told me was the false prophets in the false teachers are 10 to 1 they are running rampant they're everywhere which the Bible also says but Jesus emphasized he said they are everywhere so you're doing a good job teaching people his word and I am too except for no church has taught me the Bible no ministry has taught me the Bible Jesus Christ is the only one teaching me his word because I have to teach it exactly how he teaches it to me I can't go out of step one way or the other it's got to be exactly when he finishes teaching me I teach it to you that's what he told me to do that's why I'm here breathing right now. And this is a message that God has for everybody and he was speaking through me at different points during this message but he wants all of you to hear it!


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