The Annunaki have left some strands of evidence that they existed, and the link to giants is one of the many that are still explored today. Even in our own Bible, we see that there is some proof behind the Anunnaki that many people shrug off as a mere myth itself…



  1. Yeah I know the giants existed,,,they also had 6 fingers and toes,,, native American people held up their hand to great others ,,,this was to count the fingers,,Daniel in Ohio

  2. I cannot BELIEVE, just how much this video, (proves), everything I’ve ever tried to share with the world about what I e been learning about God, the fallen angels mating with human women and baring babies to them called Giants and last but definitely not least, how the Book of Enoch is, (in fact), directly related to the Bible itself and how the (Roman Catholic CHURCH), and other congregations, have been bluntly LYING to people!

  3. The bible can be summed up in one word…Love. Who really knows the real bible? Man has bastardized religion to fit his own needs to control people. I say as long as you believe in God and that he is the creator you will be saved. ….just saying

  4. Humans love stories ; short, long ,simplistic or complicated , amateur or professional that’s what this video is about. I love these stories but do not take them as seriously as a religious person would.

  5. Stitches reckons Enki created us mixing DNA from silver back like apes to create us and to mind gold for the Annuaki. Anu is apparently the creator of all matter? Enki and Anlil the two sons of Anu?
    I don’t want to rude here but how can giants have sex with 5 foot earth woman that baffles me, unless it was some artificial insemination?
    DNA manipulation.

  6. For those of you who were lucky to get the stupid serpent ad. Don't be fooled by the brainwashing these people are fake scholars of the Bible and have no idea what the they are talking about. The snake had legs and was the embodiment of the devil… Fake Bible hogwash…

  7. In the Troyan war many if not most of the sons of the fallen angels died as God told Gabriel to enticed them to go to war against one another. Interestingly, the women who gave birth to these giants became sirens a decreed by God. Furthermore, this statement goes hand in hand with Greek mythology as they believed in water nymphs which are the sirens you'll see today, not to be confused with mermaids. By 1250 BC post bronzed age scientists say that a series of natural disasters occurred at this time, right around the time of the Troyan war

  8. I was an atheist until earlier this year. I was sinning greatly but still had love in my heart. I think that is why He woke me up. I all the sudden started having a desire to search for God and having more belief than doubt. Swearing started to bother me, using the Lord's name in vain started to bother me. Everything just felt different.

    I started studying Christianity and Islam. The Bible is the only thing that made sense. Baptism of the Holy Spirit, being born again. When I figured it out, I couldn't believe it was actually real. At first I thought it was just a metaphor. I now know it is something you can notice, at least for me and probably others who have been going down a dark path.

    it is possible that all religions have a piece of the puzzle. But the Bible is all we need and in my research it is trustworthy. It's a shame most people don't believe it is, but if you take the time and study the historical evidence, along with the things that it knew long before we ever figured them out, as well as fulfilled prophecy and things that are happening today that are starting to line up with prophecy that hasn't been fulfilled. It is truly incredible if people would stop being lazy. But the Bible does say that only God wakes people up. Many are called, few are chosen.

  9. The Bible is God's plan to get man back into heaven. Enoch, while probably valid and as I recall quoted in the Bible, is not relevant to that plan. Therefore it was left out.

  10. They took these books out, because they didn't sound realistic like the other books. I have theories on the book Enoch that make that book make sense in a realistic way!

  11. The reason people don’t know about the nephilim is because the people who run this realm are also nephilim. Also, the earth is flat and stationary, all of science is a lie. The Satan has been deceiving people since the beginning. Sichin speaks some truth but he is a mason.


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