[Wednesday Evening Service, 8/31/22] Come join Pastor Joel as he continues his series on the End of the World with this intro to the book of Revelation. PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”)

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  1. Yes. Another great study in the End of the World series.
    I would have to agree with our sister that Isaiah 11:2 is not referring to the 7 Spirits of God in Rev. 1. But is in fact talking about the characteristics of Jesus Christ.
    Also, there are two other reasons in Is. 11:2 that suggest it is not referring to the 7 Spirits in Rev. 1
    First of all the spirit is spelled with a lower case s and so are the characteristics listed that you referred to as names of the 7 Spirits.
    And secondly the characteristics are grouped into 4 spirits, not 7.
    wisdom and understanding are together.
    counsel and might are together.
    knowledge and of the fear of the Lord again together.

    And these characteristics is how Jesus Christ is going to judge.


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