1. The lifestyle and mode of prayer of odd-believer

    Through verse 7: 205 Lord commands the Messenger Muhammad: “And you remember your Lord with your soul beseechingly and fearfully without loudly in words in the dawn and dusk, and you should not be among the heedless”. At the 45th age of Messenger, the last 14 verses 96: 6-19 were revealed. Mecca pagans’ men and women were encompassing Lord’s House Ka’bah nakedly as explained in verse 11: 5. So, the Lord commanded Messenger to do the ‘Single Prostration’ by glorifying the Lord and seeking nearness and refuge into Him.

    Today, there is no group of believers anywhere in the world. So, the odd believer is commanded to read Adhikr in the morning and evening and to do the Single Prostration of Recitation. The Spirit (Life + Soul) of every creature is from the Lord. Only mankind is blessed with intelligence among the 1000 communities of creatures. No person has the freedom to select the era of birth and death, country, religion, caste,
    parents, sex, color, etc. But the Impartial Lord has given freedom either to be grateful or ungrateful as explained in verse 2: 152. As it is told in verse 32: 4 that there are no patrons or interceders for mankind besides Lord of the universe, it is the inevitable duty of the believer to propagate Adhikr to entire mankind for introducing the True concept of Lord as the Book is submitting.

    The leaves of plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,
    and excrete oxygen and water; thus, reduce air pollution due to carbon dioxide and thereby regulate atmospheric temperature. By absorbing the polluted water and fertilizers, the roots of plants help to maintain hygienic surroundings. The roots of plants also prevent soil erosion and help to maintain the fertility of the soil. The water vapors evaporated from the leaves cool the atmosphere and form the clouds which lead to rainfall. That is why rainfall over the forest area is greater than that of other places. For all creatures both on land and water, oxygenated atmospheric air is crucial for maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, we should plant and encourage others to plant more trees (especially trees with fruits) anywhere as far as possible testifying Lord’s teaching through His Messenger: “You plant trees even though you knew that tomorrow is the Dooms Day”. Lord also taught through His Messenger: “During the Last period you have to involve in cultivation and farming”. The one who purified his soul with Adhikr-Book for Purification-
    will only eat wholesome foods. Today, as wholesome foods are not available in the markets, we should involve and encourage others to do organic cultivation and farming intending not only for our own sake but also for the sake of whole creatures including mankind. We should discourage cultivations using artificial fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful to all creatures. Remember that Lord’s creatures belonging to 1000 communities are always praying and glorifying Lord with their soul as told in verses 17: 44 and 24: 41. So it is the duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to maintain the climate and ecosystem by utilizing Adhikr-the Food, Cloth, and Sight of the human soul as explained in verses 2: 62 and 8: 49. The 999 out of 1000 Arabic Qur’an reading Fujjar are hiding and rejecting Adhikr-the Food, Cloth and Sight of the human soul-from mankind. They are denoted as the worst creatures as per verse 8: 22, worthless as per verses 25: 17-18 and fuel of Hell as per verse 3: 10.
    As there is no Jihad with weapons, the odd believer is commanded
    to do Jihad- strenuous strive- with Adhikr against these Kuffar and hypocrites.

    From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book

  2. And by the time it got to Abraham 3 women f’d up

    Lots dumb ass wife
    And Sara for tellin abraham to sleep with the young girl

    God ain’t say to do that mess

    Then her goofy behind gonna have the nerve to get jealous and send her in the wilderness

    And Abraham like the weak punk he is let’s it happen

  3. Is it possible that whoever created us, since they have never returned, that we were never supposed to see the Creators in the first place, so humanity could live and evolve all on its own, having freewill, complete freewill, to choose its own path without interference from the Creators? Because ever since, humanity has tried to discover how we came to be, then forcing on to others what some believe by punishment or penalty of death? Because if the Creator truly wanted us to worship the Creator, then the Creator would have revealed itself then and even now, not only to single individuals. Plus, all of these stories from the Bible were finally written down several million years after the events, in such detail as if the writers had witnessed the events themselves. This universe was not created in 6 days. Not to mention that the Dinosaurs aren't mentioned, nor is the entire Western Hemisphere. The only things from Outer Space that's mentioned in the earth, Moon, sun and the stars. But Jupiter, Saturn and most of the planets in Space aren't mentioned at all. Or did God just didn't think it was necessary? As for the great flood, if you're in the middle of a major storm, of course you're going to think that there's no land. As for the crow not returning to the Ark, there's plenty of reasons on why. Now, I'm not going to say that the Bible isn't useful because it is. I'm just not going to say that its a Holy book from God. If humans are flawed, and human hands wrote the Bible, then the Bible can't be perfect either. The Bible is a guide, nothing more. There's alot of good advice in it. But again, anything involving humans, it's flawed.

  4. The Story of Abraham is one of the hardest stories for me to come to terms with as a Christian and this beautifully shows why.

    How could a loving God demand a father to kill his innocent son, one that had been promised to him for years, as a test? It's one of the mysteries I struggle with the most.

  5. If the American Government really wants to save the America people they would just do it. People are dying not just in America , but around the world.
    Our lives shouldn’t have a price tag on it. When our Government knows why the American people and people around the world needs their help, but they are taking their time.

    We did not ask for COVID-19 PANDEMIC , but we are asking for help from our Government. OUR Governments they see that we are not only having a extremely difficult time surviving this pandemic , but we and people around the world are dying every day.

    If you see someone endanger, someone that will die without the help they need , and you just keep watching that person struggle to survive. But you’re thinking , waiting and Deciding if you should or should not help them.

    Maybe you want to talk about it with others and plan out things so they mainly fits your group’s agenda. But this plan does not truly benefit the person that is struggling to survive this pandemic and start over.

    You know why this plan does protect the people in this country? It’s able our survival that is connected to this financial way of life. In this world money is the price we pay every day to continue living surviving.

    Every thing comes with an extremely expensive price even in hospitals oxygen cost money. Something that God did not put any price tags on. It’s man that went an put extremely expensive price tags on everything that belongs to God.

    What do you think will happen to that person waiting to be save? When you known they will not be able to save themselves even if they are already trying to survive this pandemic. But they know the help they truly need will not be giving to them during the time they need it the most.

    The American people and people around the world was not prepared for The COVID-19 Pandemic, but hoped our Government would be prepared and be able to protect us so that we could survive any Pandemic or natural disaster.

    Our Governments is just waiting and watching us struggle to survive. COVID-19 doesn’t Discriminate, but this pandemic doesn’t affect our Government officials personal bank account.
    They can take there time deciding whether or not we get the help we truly need. They can go on vacations and continue to enjoying their life style all thing they need to worry about is get Covid-19.

    Can we the people of our countries return to the life style we used know and start over?

    Our survival has become apart of a campaign strategy. We have the power to reshape our Governments. We have the free will to choose the people we need to represent us in our Government.
    We also have the power remove Government officials from their office. When they failed to protect the American people and our Constitutional Rights……

    Be careful who you give that power to or they might turn around and using it to benefit their own agenda. Be smart when voting for Government officials. Especially when we choose the President of our country.

    It’s extremely important to do our research on people that are running for a seat in our Government. We should do our own investigation into their past so that we can protect our country and our people.
    Most importantly from a President that will bring our country and it people to our knees.

    We should not the let our dark history continue to repeat its self. The American people, we will be the ones to suffer . Not the Government officials or the President .

    If you are someone that is supper rich you can always choose to leave this country , but know matter what you choose your way of living Does not depend on the financial support from the American Government.

    The decision of the American Government when it comes to the matter of receiving financial support and more.
    It’s the not same for other people living in this country that are not financially well off. People that cannot afford to keep their homes, jobs , buy grocery or go on vacation.

    We are just trying our best to survive this COVID-19 Pandemic. Most people in this country are continuing to loss their homes and every thing they truly need to survive this pandemic and start over.

    Will everything that’s happening in this country and around the world I feel like I have become a toy in this current Government’s campaign strategy a race to keep their power. I need for this current power to come to complete end forever.

    To start over with a Extremely new President and Government officials that doesn’t bring this country and it’s people to our knees. I feel like the whole world is just laughing at us and is waiting to make there move.

    For us to get to a point where we are extremely vulnerable. The current Government and President has destroyed everything that make America one of the greatest country in the world. Now to world just laughs a that this country and its people , because of this living hell of I President and Government . Our once great country is now the joke of the party around the world and in our own country.

    It feels like this is the calm after the storm. Like this pandemic is the start to something even more dangerous to this country and to come to this world. I hope we are ready for anything else that will happen.

    I Hope and pray for a time when this world and it’s people will experience eternal peace from death and war. And from those who enjoy the destruction of life and every that is loved and created by God . If your someone that believes in Jesus God and your Bible you can feel and see everything that’s happening in this country and this world.


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