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  1. Dang I hate I missed this you are an Smart Man but can you do another topic like this. Bc I am ready to listen 馃憘 Thank you for Sharing bc their are alot of people lost in this world!!

  2. Well I know for a fact them are bronze color men giants in heaven and white albinos and yes those white UFO got bronze color men inside them we all have saw something that the Bible do speak in parables and some things are true in that book they hide things put it inside a book look at the story Jack and the beanstalk is dealing with the most high Jack is us his disobedient children and the giant is not who they put in that story as being mean wake up yes dragons are real look at the seal of ice that has been broken the giant is free

  3. I Believe in Jesus But MHB is brilliant I like his content He has a lot of knowledge I consider myself a scholar I don't know how he has all that knowledge He's right about people waiting on a Sky Daddy the portrait of Jesus Christ is Sadanada a ascended master The Vatican has a telescope in Mexico named Lucifer (goggle it) awaiting there arrival to be baptized and introduced to the world as God

  4. Have u people seen the movie Book of Eli?, Denzel movie what did they do look over the earth 4 the last bible cuz what dude say whoever has the book runs the world anuff said!!!

  5. In the bible there are verses that say " dont listen to man" and then there's another that says follow nature. The most high said it to me in a dream and ever since life death and my make up has been shown to me.

  6. Thus says The Lord:聽Listen, all you churches of men! Shall I, even I, torment My beloved?! SATAN IS THE TORMENTOR! Thus by your own mouths, you have unwittingly called your God, satan! Repent therefore, mend your ways and your doings! Stop profaning My name and desecrating the Glory of My majesty, for you have surely blasphemed The Spirit of Truth!
    Again I say, repent, and have greater understanding of My Mercy, which endures forever. For The Son of Man did indeed sleep in the heart of the earth, His tomb, for three days and three nights,聽yet by no means did He descend into the evils of man鈥檚 imaginings!聽Become again a child of God, and seek to know Me as I truly am.

  7. The real Derrick needs a channel it was lovely to listen to him speak 鉂わ笍 and actually this live was amazing. It was very nice to see all the men and women speaking so positively and deeply in thought and in spirit this was wonderful!


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