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So in this video, I take you on a journey through the universe as it was understood in Biblical times, then we close off by illustrating how these ideas are relevant. An ever-increasing number of Christians are rejecting science and reason. I think if every Christian appreciated this point of view we would see much fewer atheists, radicals, and fanatics. Religious fanaticism always grows from taking religious metaphors literally.

Topics covered: Book of Enoch, Flat Earth Cosmology, the World of Dreams, the Bible.

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Joseph Campbell
“The Power of Myth” is a great DVD
“The Hero with a Thousand Faces”

“In the Buddha’s Words”
“Six Yoga’s of Naropa”, a word of WARNING on this one, these are very powerful yogic techniques and they should only be undertaken by qualified practitioners.
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  1. hmm interesting…
    so if the soul is immortal, to eventually reunify, it needn't do so right away;
    and, we have what appears to be a black hole at the center of our galaxy, with an unbreachable chasm – save for those with the bifrost keys to the abyss

  2. Very interesting that these myths are representing Snakes and serpents as Evil yet in Hinduism Serpents represent Kundalini and Lord Shiva wears cobra around his knack to represent Mastery over death…immortality.
    And even sometimes a multi-headed cobra uses its hoods to shade the dieties .

  3. I do enjoy your content and respect your perspective on things, but in my opinion there is a fatal logical fallacy in all of your reasoning in this video. There is absolutely nothing in this world that did not manifest in one way or the other previous to any human mind being able to conceptualize and communicate it; be it in an abstract or concrete way. Obviously that's where all the different religious symbologies stem from for example, the impossible task of trying to describe the indescribable. Even though things from "outside" of this world can be in fact experienced and perceived, they can never be brought back into this world in their true essence, because they are beyond speech and logic in their nature. The human mind is not capable of actually "holding" and incorporating them like they actually are; we quickly forget what really happens in these mystical moments and all we remember is what the experience did to us emotionally, mentally etc., but never the actual experience itself… we then go on to create allegories based on things that already exist in this world to "make sense" of such experiences and try to share them with others that way. There simply can't be such a thing as a purely metaphysical or symbolic idea / concept in the human perception and every meaningful thought or insight we believe to have, is nothing but a temporary overcoming of a previously, most likely unconsciously self-inflicted mind-blockage, so that we are finally able to remember what we all subconciously already know at all times anyway. It's all an illusion – there is nothing new under the sun and what we experience as "earth" is obviously not a sphere, it's a realm, a plane of existence. Progress/evolution happens in all directions at the same "time" though, therefore the "world" could be interpreted as sphere, but not the ground we stand on, that shit's flat as fuck. Everybody knows, that earth represents the female principle… "Mother Earth"… and what geometry embodies the female qualities more than a plane? A plane is where you can safely put things, a plane will hold all things and naturally welcomes them, it's the stage where life can act itself out. A sphere on the other hand represents action/movement, independence and ego, all the male qualities. That's why a bunch of narcissistic, powerhungry men turned the earth into a sphere in the people's minds and why we now see the male principle dominating every aspect of society; it's the ego running the show and sadly not the heart anymore. The suppression of the divine feminine is by far the most relevant and deepest conspiracy in the known world, but most people aren't able to comprehend abstract concepts like this for whatever reason… I guess it's the cosmic pendulum swing and it has to be this way for the world to keep on evolving, but these are challenging times for everyone living from the heart without a doubt…

  4. There is no God. Atheism is a term created by Christians cause they were jealous other people could think for themselves. When you wake up you'll remember who you are and that you're the creator of your own universe until you got stuck in this matrix. One day you all will see and understand, you're just children in your minds right now.

  5. Mythology is found in every culture and has always been used to convey certain deep inner truths known by the ancient sages but could not be easily understood by the ordinary layman. Such truths could only be mythologically conveyed to man in order to be easily understood. For example, in the Shivapuranas of Hinduism, God or Shiva as creator is mythologically represented not only as one in deep meditation but also as a dancer. This dancer aspect of God or referred to in Tamil as NADARAJAH (KING OF THE DANCERS) is symbolically depicted by the Ancient Sages, thousands of years ago, to describe the atomic dance within each and every atom and molecule, which the ancient sages knew about. The sum total of each and every atomic dance is one huge universal dance giving a pulsating throbbing dynamic universe and God or Shiva is therefore truly speaking, the ' King of all the Dancers, always pulsating, throbbing and sustaining the universe. Once he stops 'dancing', the universe dissolves in his super-consciousness or what Science refers to as the big crunch. Read the Vedas and Saivite Hindu scriptures to understand this aspect of God found only in Hinduism.

  6. Hey, really love your channel. You opened my mind to a lot of things. Are you interested in making a video on elaborating on the concept of sleep paralysis in modern days and in ancient mythology / reality ? I'm interested if there's perspectives by aboriginals or other cultures on how they interpret it. Because the scientific explanations are not really that satisfying.

  7. Thank you. I hope you can educate Christians and Muslims so they can have more tolerance. A lot of Christian and Muslims depict Hinduism in a negative way because they did not take the time to understand what Sanatana Dharma is about


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