The first in a five-part series on the Gospel of Luke. We explore the amazing events surrounding the birth of Jesus. The humble conditions of his family and their low status in Israelite society foreshadow the upside-down nature of Jesus’ kingdom.

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  1. Mary is a virgin – a virgin according to Matthew 25 and Revelation 14 is a pure soul. And that is where Christ will be born, In you and me if we allow the Holy Spirit(God's Truth) to make us pregnant.

  2. ( To his son came the command): " O Yahya! take hold of the Book with might": and We* gave him Wisdom even as a youth, And piety ( for all creatures) as from Us, and purity: he was devout, and kind to his parents, and he was not overbearing or rebellious. So Peace on him the day he was born, the day that he dies, and the day that he will be raised up to life ( again)!
    Holy Quran, chapter 19; Maryam ( Mary) verse 12 – 15.
    * Allah Subhana Wata'ala; Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

  3. I've always wondered way the 2 difference of the birth of Jesus one in Matthew 1:18 –2:23 Jesus was born in a house then in the book of Luke 1-2 Jesus is born in a manger so if the bible is the other true book but for some reason they couldn't keep the birth of Jesus the same so way is that shows to me the stories are just bed time stories

  4. And then you hear from other researchers and scholars that Bethlehem shepherds raised lambs for sacrifice…and this puts a whole new spin on the significance of the angel appearing to the shepherds.

  5. In my Bible app study for today September 11th , in the New Testament is This Video and Luke 1 . To me REALLY significant because there are 2 lots of main numbers I see and 911 is one set which I think is the Birth Of Christ and the other set of numbers is 11:11, if I just happen to look at a clock of anykind , anywhere , these are the domnant numbers I see.
    In Israel its about that time when shepherds head their flocks to higher ground , although isreal is very green now its in fact amazingly green for we have been to The Holy Land , this still happens , the sheep are in bethlehem about now in the higher ground ,and they are in their lambing season I think .
    God bless all here and all who make the bible studies at BibleApp and all here Amen !!

  6. The LORD works in amazing ways, for in his kingdom, the outcasts go first, and the first go to the back of the line, thank you LORD, for bringing us these mighty messengers :] ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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