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Session 38: The Antichrist and the Beast from Genesis to Revelation

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  1. Perspective of the ignorant people. The Caucasian hippy is a gag. Those goat herders and Slavics moved into regions stolen. It a group of people around the world actually persecuted and hated and were kicked off the land.

  2. Wake up folks ! Pope Francis is the False prophet of the antichrist! Satan's own pontiff here on Earth to decieve all of mankind if possible with Lying divinations and false satanic religion.. don't follow the Roman Catholic church! The spirit of the antichrist is trying to decieve , even the elect of God ! Follow the leadership of the Holy spirit and Jesus Christ!

  3. 627
    The enemies of the Jews in all nations will gather together in unity to crush Israel
    Friday, November 30th, 2012 @ 22:20
    My dearly beloved daughter, the time for the prophecies foretold in the Old Testament regarding the fate of the Jews is to become evident shortly.

    My chosen race will suffer
    The Jews who rejected the Covenant of God, laid down by Moses, will suffer as they have done for centuries. Their power over the land of their forefathers will be taken and the only solution will be to sign a treaty where they will become slaves to the antichrist.My chosen race will suffer, just as I did, and little mercy will be shown to them.
    The treatment of the Jews will be worse than that shown to them during the genocide, which took place in the Second World War.
    It will be in Israel that the Tribulation will be seen, as foretold, clearly.
    It will be because of Israel, that wars will escalate, when it will become difficult to determine who the real enemy will be.
    The peace treaty will be signed soon afterwards and the man of peace will enter the world stage.
    European Union will crush all traces of God
    The beast with the ten horns, that is the European Union, will crush all traces of God.
    Now is the time to prepare for their cruelty, which will be unprecedented, when it will come to the abolition of Christianity.
    How proud they will be when the little one, hidden amongst them, will rise and boast of his power. They will applaud the appointed leader of a new church and his power will spread over the world.
    This will develop quickly and to those sacred servants of Mine, who do not accept the Truth of this prophecy, you must know this.
    Should you conform to the new laws of Rome, a city, which will be seized by the liar and servant of the antichrist, you will become a prisoner of this new regime. When you see the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist being amended and changed beyond recognition, know that this will be your chance to turn your back on this wicked regime.
    My Church is infallible. It will remain infallible. If others, however, within My Church, rebel against My Teachings and change the Holy Sacraments they will be cast away from My Church. The new regime, not of God, will be fallible for it will not represent the Truth. Only My Teachings can be adhered to by Christians.
    If you follow a manmade religion you cannot call yourself a Christian. Anyone who says that My Church is infallible is correct.
    Anyone who claims to belong to a new church, where My Teachings have been tampered with and where My Sacraments have been abolished, will be living a lie.
    This will be a very difficult time for My sacred servants, for they must follow the Laws laid down by My Church. I say to you now that you must still do this. But, as soon as My Sacraments have been desecrated, only follow My True Church. By then only those servants who follow the Truth can claim to lead My people according to the instructions laid down by Me during My time on earth.
    Rise of Paganism
    The rise of paganism will sweep over the earth and in its wake a false sense of peace will be created. Then you will see the rise in the adulation of celebrities and a fanatical devotion to new age spiritualism and satanic worship, disguised as modern psychological therapy. This is where worship of oneself will be the most important trait to strive for.

    Sexual immorality will increase as the Battle of Armageddon intensifies
    Abortion and murder will be so common that many will become immune to any feeling of compassion for those who are vulnerable.
    It will be during this time that My army will continue, undaunted, in their mission to save souls. Nothing will stop them and for every hour of their prayers I will mitigate much of this suffering in the world.
    To the Jews I say this. You have suffered because of your failure to listen to the Word of God through the prophets. You, however, will finally accept the True Messiah soon. Then you, too, will join My Army as it marches towards victory against the antichrist.
    You will suffer just as I did for this has been foretold. The House of David will have its day of victory on the day I will raise up the New Jerusalem out of the ashes. As My New Kingdom emerges the king of the pagan world and his servants will be turned into ashes.
    My Promise to come to bring you to My Father’s Kingdom is close. To you I pledge My Love and My Loyalty, as your promised Messiah, promised to you so long ago.
    This is your inheritance. You did not reject Me, your Jesus when I was crucified. You rejected God.
    I Am God. I Am the way for you to enter the New Paradise. Accept My Hand for I love you, I forgive you. You are My People and I Am coming for you.
    Your Jesus

  4. Have people not looked at the history books and the old and new testament whenever Gods chosen people disobeyed him he punished them for there ignorance. Look at the last 2000 years of Jewish history since they have denied Jesus they have lost their temple, land, country, and have been persecuted and millions have been killed. You think that todays Jews would look back and see that since they had Jesus killed and rejected him there nation and people have been beaten on and down and maybe todays Jews would say tou know what maybe that Jesus guy was our Messiah and the son of God. But no they will claim the son of Satan as thier Messiah and only 144,000 will be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ our lord and Saviour of the world every nation every toung every person living dead he saved us all by giving his life for us. Amen

  5. The people don't really know that they are worshipping Satan they dont know that the antichrist is part or of the unholy trinity. They think that this person is Jesus and God that is why the Jews think that this is there Messiah that they have been waiting for they dont know until 3 and half years into the tribulation.

  6. When the world meets me for the first time you will question yourself how can a man at 52 have a face and body of a 25 year old young adult. This my people is Gods purpose and of his ancient children Lord Lucifer and our ancient high priest Lord Christ preserving me to deal with our present and future generations. GÔD and his ancient children new in advance that what was in the past would fade away but continue being a war thru religion. It is why under my NWO guided by God Almighty our present and future generations will never go through the pressures of what religion causes in a person. A burden of afflictions of negative energy of being brainwashed if you don’t follow Allahs laws that you will burn in hell. All that is a lie from prophets that would loose there tempers and instead of listening to Allah they define there hate by bestowing fear on Gods children. We will move forward with no fear. For all who are reading my information know that what I speak is why the world does not have a good balance. My NWO of laws and policies are to strengthen every government around the world that will enhance everyone to live a better life the balance the ancient world went against.

    Soon as I’m introduced by important elites around the world all will change. The poor will become the middle class. Every individuals positive energy will make our Creator rejoice where he will bring good tidings to us forevermore. Those that think they have the truth and go against Gods NWO will stay behind. The world awaits for the Anti-Christ and the arrival of Christ coming back for a second time this will never happen. When you die it just becomes another dream for others remembering your acts of goodness or your acts of evil towards others. Just like Jesus our ancient priest said to the pharisees wanting to stone a prostitute in front of her child. He said unto them have you not sinned? Keep in mind not only was this lady a prostitute but so was Mary Magdalene and Rebecca and so are we by using dating websites to network which God and I do not condemn. Our life is a cycle of challenges and survival. No human has the right to judge a persons surviving skills. If you think you have this authority consider yourself an outcast from God, Lucifer and Christ royal family. Be careful from here on forward how you point your fingers on others. Be aware that God also created every demon around his universe to hunt those that think they are above the law it’s until you fall on your knees and apologize to all who you judged until then you will surely be haunted by these demons no matter how old you are. Not God, Lucifer or Christ will come to your rescue nor will Î. Remember this my people God can not forgive your countless sins on others until you humble yourself towards all who you hurt. This my people means you have know right to judge all who are loyal to an occult church (The spiritual world) for there is good in every person. You will never again judge a person of color or of any race or a person that was born attractive to the same sex nor of any human that has done a sex change (

    His MAJESTY GOD ALMIGHTY created all for a purpose. He knew in advance all that happen in heaven was pass down to Mother Earth and to all of his other worlds. It is why the death of Jesus our high priest was to forgive his prodigal son Lord Lucifer and of all his children around his universe not just on Mother Earth. Gods old laws and of his NWO of new laws and policies coming into place through me on earth will also apply throughout his entire universe from whom God has chosen around his universe as his modern supreme world leaders. Î AM WHO Î AM, Albizian Vastico Supreme KÎNG Ruler

  7. In Revelation it talks about the 4 and 20 elders and if you read carefully it tells who they makes it clear that it represents the church …and they are there before the seals are broken ..they throw their crowns down before the Lord for he redeemed them..There is going to be a pre-tribulation rapture of the church..

  8. I hope this is not a silly question, but what happens to the dead in Christ, they can't go through the tribulation, having past. Love the way you open the Scriptures, the Church has failed, giving us the wrong interpretation. I always was taught Jesus comes before Tribulation, so we would'nt go through it.❤️

  9. The Antichrist is not a person. he is a Spirit. He is coming and he has Big Surprises for a Apathetic, Arrogant and Narcissistic Filled Church Today. You cannot kill him. Even If you kill the person that he is, that person will be dead but the spirit will immediately leave and find another host. It will be easy for the spirit to move around from person to person today. Just read 2 Timothy explaining how people will be in these last days. The Perfect storm. It is simular to the story of the man who was delivered of a demon, but because he did not really want that demon gone. It only temporarily left, went into the wilderness, came back with more demons stronger than the last. They found the house swept clean but it didn't matter because the house was still empty and the heart was not clean and because people especially Christians are becoming so complacent, selfish and cold in these Last days. It is amplifying Satans power and he knows it. Weather You Like it or not God will not deliver a church that has become a den of demons (Revelation 18:2) a sin filled, vain and prideful church before the tribulation. If You chose to believe false Doctrine that is your deal.

  10. ALL the nations, all the Lands, usually means the whole world. Wherever believers dwell, that’s where the Antichrist will have authority to conquer us. And the setting up for that is happening now, Christianity and all its precepts are under sudden and swiftly being deleted, in every single country, way more than ever, it’s like there’s an agenda to force everyone to live a lie, and deny any standard mutual absolute moral authority. When the governments of the world are calling Gods authority and moral standards a myth, it’s very clear the planet is in the beginning of outlawing Christ and his moral standards. It’s been under attack for a very long time but now it’s global and there seems to be an impatience, a panic, a hurry to eradicate God completely. The birthing pangs are becoming more frequent when it comes to the removal of God’s authority from society, and it’s becoming an arrogant and sloppy obvious reality everywhere on earth. Some places more than others, but it’s very prevalent.


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