Men are just misunderstood. Or is it that women are just not clear on what men wished they knew about them? In this episode, Priscilla Shirer will discuss just what it is that men wished women knew about them and how this plays into the interactions with each other.

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  1. I desired to be a pastors wife since childhood level,anyway this too has kept me freed from other men after all pastors are great men of character…. ooh is there anyone who has the same prayer…

  2. when a woman has her priorities right and is serving the Lord without the distraction of needing a date, this type of woman knows that men might find her attractive, but she is so busy serving the Lord, and trusts the Lord with every aspect of her life, that she is free to really serve the Lord without the distraction of attraction. Certainly when the Lord brings this woman a man, the sparks can fly, but they will have their priorities in order, because the woman knows she was complete in Christ. Once married her affections will be divided, and she will literally have to count the cost that marriage will present. Some women find difficult if they have been very active in church and ministry before marriage, because she will now have to think of her husband to please him which will literally take precedence over her attention and affection for the Lord! In general, men are better when married, but many women are perfectly fine remaining unmarried, and in fact can be far more effective in ministry broadly when UNMARRIED. Women cannot be best friends with men, at least not on a real personal level. It will become an attraction, so they should not lie that a man is just a "friend". It's impossible.

  3. Us women need to stop putting up the front that we have no demons or problems with being vulnerable, because often it’s the women that crave the most attention that are treating their man the worst, vice versa for a man to a woman. You have to get with Christ first

  4. I met my husband when I wasn't looking, I was focused on love with God..and pop! He came out of nowhere..God knew the perfect husband and I courted for a year..I had prayed on it..and we took a break for a year because I felt I needed to grow more in the Lord..and that's exactly what happened, in that year we didn't really speak..he grew in the Lord and I grew in the Lord..and after that year of growth, we spoke again and we got married and everything fell into place like it was God's timing..

  5. This was disheartening…quite unrealistic..these men are not your average guys but well put together God fearing men. Some men want a woman to chase them and blow up their ego..some are turned off by that…some want to be "the hunter" and pursue a woman…some want a woman to show interest…some don't…so many nuances..there are many gorgeous, educated and faithful women out there that are ready to be that housewife/homemaker, but no men that are responsible or financially secure enough to be that provider. Men wonder why women are so independent these days. What other choice is there? Men are not playing their role so how can we? Men are the head and we in return submit biblically speaking. Some women do have a hard time with that concept but for the right Godly man, submitting is a blessing when he fulfills his role. Don't settle ladies…don't try to yield fruit that's out of season..that fruit is not ripe or ready for you. Know your worth!

  6. This is good and and I do agree with some stuff… but we need to consider that not all men are the same and they all have different needs

    At 20:30 The guy has a point …let's
    Consider Esther" …although she is described as beautiful…it was her sense of purpose in life that made her shine amongst all the other women in an entire Kingdom.

  7. My husband pursued me non stop and then we went on a couple of dates. Then he stopped pursuing me so I ignored him. Women never chase a man ever. Long story short it made him pursue me more and now we are married.

  8. Is there a segment for what WOMEN want? In the Christian faith esp, it AGITATES the CRAP out of me, NOT the real word i want to use but this is a Christian platform, that it seems like it's always the stressed onus of the WOMAN, to KEEP the relationship interesting and sexy! ABSOLUTELY NOT! ITS A TEAM EFFORT like Priscilla's husband said. If it's not reciprocation, what's the point?

  9. Yes!!! Michael( The comedian)Hit it on the Head!! When you are pursuing God & confident in who you are in christ, God will allow That ONE! To be over the hills drawn to you. Matthew 6:33 explains Seek FIRST the things of GOD and THOSE other things will a husband. Girls dont try so hard, let it flow enjoy your relationship with jesus and those things you desire will come to you. That's WHAT ATTRACTIVES A MAN OF GOD!! Be patient. & enjoy your relationship with jesus. It's worth the wait!!


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