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  1. You're so very talented possibly turn down the music it's louder than the words, in the beginning the music is loud. You Are unbelievably awesome videos make sense they are awesome, but the background music was just a tad loud and I'm only telling you this so that you can get better because you rock you you do, and your videos need to be viral. (I'm sorry I wrote this. )

  2. Due to executive orders and being under medical martial law, Trump can literally force his way to another 4 years. Don't get me twisted, I don't play politics but I feel something like that will happen at the last minute for a massive influx in chaos/division. According to their electoral vote counts, they claim these states below the "Bible belt" are majority Biden which I know is complete lunacy so I wouldn't be surprised if something crazy happens before the final deadline of this election. Regardless, it's all still headed straight for the NWO narrative. I can't help but chuckle though as hardly anyone involved in the false reality, actually pays attention and listens to the words that come from politicians mouths. It's like people's attention spans are smaller than nuts on a knat. Anyway, thanks for your content! I've been searching for your channel as others use some of your content on their channel. Love it!
    (Edit: politics are no different than sports, movies, cartoons, media or any other form of entertainment)

  3. No way SCOTUS will put their head in the BLM/Antifa guillotine for Trump
    His endorsement of the poisonous vaxxines finished off whtever sympathy I had for him
    ..but wait…in the midst of all this he found time to reward Morocco for its peace deal w/Israel.
    Must be a reward to Netanyahu for his betrayal.

  4. Blockchain has become part of the Election fraud narrative to promote secure and trustworthy elections. So, I’m willing to bet Trump will become the next President and start implementing blockchain more and more.

  5. So proud of you will for getting out of that rut a year or two ago, look at all the subs, I don’t know if u heard from me yet but keep this channel open, this is the ONLY channel that has truth and Jesus has called you for this ! So proud bro


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