God gave me a prophetic vision with a message about a particular U.S. state that will declare a “state of emergency.”

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Troy Black is a Christian YouTuber, author, and prophetic voice. His two simple goals are to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and to get the gospel of Jesus Christ in front of as many people as possible.



  1. I'll be honest Troy, I watched your whole video and I was about to shut it off in the beginning, because there are a lot of people saying they have a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit and I am so tired of false prophetic people filling God's children with nonsense. 😫
    But, there was something about you that kept me watching. You never stopped pointing to Jesus Christ. Also, I have had a strong urge to read all of the story of Joshua for the last 2 weeks or so. I have been trying to read it in my free time, but now watching your video is encouraging me to make the time 👈🏼rather than lazily trying to fit it in with my other current focus points…I made an encouraging video a few weeks ago using Joshua 1:9, so when you mentioned it, I had to continue watching.
    As for your prophetic dream, I'm not going to sit here and say I am 100% in agreement with you, but I believe you did have the dream and there is meaning to it. The one reason I'm not 100% with you is because around the middle of your video you said "I don't know for sure if this is what God is saying…" when God gives prophets dreams, they are 100% certain and the dream is 100% accurate. God doesn't give dreams and only 85% of it is accurate, He gives direct instruction for His people.
    I'm still studying you, but you have my attention. Keep up the good news Troy. I'll be watching.

  2. Walter Veith Total Onslaught, Reformation series: the origin of everything
    These tyrants just meet at the summit in Egypt to write a green ten commandments. Beware of the false light. They think they can replace the Creator of everything. Thanks so much.

  3. Jesus instituted the mass and His body and blood in the Eucharist. The bible says if we do not partake we have no life in us. What you are saying is not all needed to be saved. Luther split the body of Christ church, return to Catholic church and live sacramental lives

  4. Troy, thanks for speaking to my heart via your inspiration recieved via the holy spirit, its truly astounded your faith in God's love and freedom. Many of the churches I've been to always mention that we aren't worthy of Gods love due to being born in sin, thereby always invoking a sense of shame in our hearts. Your inspiration transmitted from the holy spirit has renewed my love for Christ, in celebration of joy, courage and conviction in the lords loving and gentle ways. Makes sense too when we look at how flowers and fruit trees grow in the gental warm nourishing light of the sun, how abundent is Gods love! That he wants us all to feel lovingly nourished by the holy light of his spirit and to bare fruit and prosper in his kingdom made manifest from our hearts. This loving message is so encouraging to remain steadfast in him. Thank you! 🙏💗🌱 Also thank you for dropping some seeds of awareness into some shady phenomenon the government does, not to evoke fear but to bring the lords light into the dark to rectify, transform and heal so humanity can truelly thrive and be free.

  5. Hello Troy and God’s family! I have been under attack for months now. I recognize it is Spiritual. Please pray for me. I have not been the same since I got Covid a few months ago. The enemy has attacked my ear creating vertigo that is keeping me from my purpose. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I am in desperate need of deliverance and healing. By the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name I pray.

  6. Dream10/25/2022
    Peter and I were watching tv and there was an interruption. The devices was not working and there was a special word to type in to reprogram them. I recall the word All impossible.

    Troy I haven’t even started to listen to your dream but it’s amazing how you and I get similar dreams and visions. God is truly a God of confirmation. God showed me a writing that said; “BIBLICAL PROPHECY”

  7. Troy is absolutely correct as is the research regarding secret bunkers and huge underground facilities in Colorado. If I remember correctly, the construction of these feats of civil engineering began in the 1940s with an overall purpose to link an underground railway system from Washington, D.C. to a hub in Denver. Also, Denver has alot of scary satanic activity going on there. So, for Troy to be ministered of goings-on there is necessary to awaken people to places that have dark and shady happenings. One only need to look at the dystopian mural at Denver International Airport for something to provoke interesting thoughts. Pray for the liberty of the people in Colorado and resist the devil. Glory to God in the highest!

  8. Thank you Troy for sharing. It is great to get confirmations of what the Holy Spirit is showing and telling us. I recently uploaded a video of a prophetic dream and one of the main messages was to not fear during the storms of life and what may come in the future.

  9. When people realise more than Noah and his family survived the great flood of underground facilities that were the fallen angels inner circle of life in the early days of the earth. This was how they created their pyramids to survive they created their numerous ancient rituals and traditions of worship that evoked their spiritual power in people participating in their own spiritual quantum realm of supernatural powers to manifest themselves in their host’s own body. The pyramids of ancient Egypt and rituals that are being used today by many people to create their vision of life in understanding Hitler and his dreams to create a superior world and race of beings. The artificial intelligence of technology has created a beast systems that will replace all human beings with hybrid beings that are already capable of living and working amongst us all.

  10. Yisrael never added faith with what they were being told, because they thought they could do it on there own. Which is impossible to follow Torah at all by self, and self works. Its all by faith in Yeshua because he is Torah and Brit hadasha (New testament)

  11. So i have a question, so are you saying the Torah is done away with? I need to make sure if this is what your implying before I go any further with another question for you. I don't want to imply something here if i am getting what your saying here or understanding here is that the law has been done away with.

  12. You are saying the same things that Truthers, and psychics are saying, I dont think only Bible believers are the only ones getting this information. I appreciate that you are sharing it tho.


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