Every person that has claimed to have passed thru the veil and into hell ALL have a similar story and they always mention a Cell or Cube. Heres my two cents.

Hell and back

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  1. The Quran can b difficult to understand but in essence it clarifies the message of previous scriptures. It clarifies the issue of Jesus for example. The kaaba is not worshipped it is a direction for all muslims to ensure the now to God in the same direction. Just imagine going to a mosque and everyone wants to bow facing whatever direction. Muslim worship the lord of Adam Jesus Moses Jacob and Muhammad. Simple and logical. The prove is people stand on the cube, who stands on their idols??

  2. Thank you Richie! I was thinking the same thing. Cubes are everywhere. There's even one in Revelation 21:16, "… He (the angel) measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,000 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it was long." That's a cube! And it's said our reality is a tesseract: a sort of multidimensional cube within a cube.

  3. Check out David ickes seminar on saturn. The cube is talked about in detail. The 6 pointed star is a flattened cube, or hexagon and is directly related to to hexagon of Saturn's storm eye. He connects the ancient worship of saturnalia as a worship of satan. Anagrams of one another.

  4. +richiefromboston
    Hey man. Don't suppose you could do a video about what the satanist/witches/medical techs do with the dna/blood samples of millions of Americans they have collected?
    I had an insight from God that they were growing clones in petri dishes to harvest souls from.

    Seen evidence of cloning in tv series like Krypton (as a sign of this) but first time seen as part of a soul harvesting technique. Diabolical. If worked would mean no more mankind.

    Just makes me think medical science is witch science.

  5. +richiefromboston
    sorry man so many negative commenters but you are accurate and they are not. Hard to be right about spiritual matters (like cubes carry souls) because people have so many ideas that are all false and made up. Hard to get truth out. Keep at it. Thanks.

    Now you understand why Jesus avoided this topic. People then could not imagine souls being transported to a lake of fire-neutron star in cubes. All we have to do is turn on the tv to see it in 'scifi' movies.

  6. True regarding dammed souls kept in cubes.
    Did video about over a year ago after a vision about. Did a drawing even of them. The cubes stretch into infinity in my drawing demonstrating their movement into the 'stars' or 'space'…..or what the bible calls 2nd/3rd heaven.
    'Hell' is a lake of fire, ie. a neutron star which is flat.
    Stars in the night sky are flat and give off light. There is just one star that is neutronic.

    Anyway, the vision came showing me that the first judgement of souls, as recorded in Revelation as what occurs to the 7 Churches occurred Oct. 31st, 2016. 170 million americans of caucasian descent (ie. church of philadelphia) souls were dammed (lukewarm christians, atheists etc.). Very embarrassing, I'm sure. Only souls were judged, ie. not bodies. Bodies left behind became habited by angels that descended with Jesus (1 thess. 4:17) for one year until Marriage Feast of the Lamb Oct. 31st. 2017. The sign of the rev. 12 women preceded that event.

    Did a few videos about/google plus articles etc. on alternate channel. See my about section.

  7. Food for thought. The Quran is built off the old testament. Mecca, the place of worship was built by Abraham…….
    You read that right. Jesus' great, great, great grandfather built that monument.
    All religions are based off the same story, except one.
    The Roman Catholic Church….
    The same Romans that killed Jesus and blamed the Jews.

    Use discernment and at least study what other religions are saying…

    Since its the same back story. Muslims just had Mohammed add onto the old testament.

    Same thing the Catholics did with the new testament.

    God Bless and be careful what you believe in your core. It will matter…..

  8. Well the only way your soul consciousness can be imprisoned is beliving in a He-aven or He-ll, both begin with the first two letters …you grant consent to the deception when u believe in salvation outside yourself….

    This the true diety of christainity: Ptolmy Soter I (Serapis Christus)

    Christianity: Soteriology (/səˌtɪəriˈɒlədʒi/; Greek: σωτηρία sōtēria "salvation" from σωτήρ sōtēr "savior, preserver" and λόγος logos "study" or "word") is the study of religious doctrines of salvation. Salvation theory occupies a place of special significance in many religions.

    ORDO AB CHAO is Latin for "Order Out of Chaos or Order from Disorder." This term was invented by Freemasons and is the actual motto of the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. … Ordo ab Chao or Order out of Chaos.

  9. A few have went to other platforms such as vimeo, mewe, minds and so on but it is a bit of the old divide and conquer. I reckon the videos should be spread across as many different platforms at the same time, even if somebody else does it.

  10. RFB, I tried to register on your website and never received the activation link via email. That was 2 days ago. I tried with another email address and still same thing… Am I missing something.?

  11. No one has been to heaven or hell. Jesus himself said no one has been to heaven but him.There are three hells in the bible. And right now it just means the grave, when your dead your dead. The judgement has not happened yet and no one has been cast into the lake of fire, another hell. The third hell is a pit, dark where the bad angels are chained as scripture says. Sheol, abaddon, gehenna, or tarturus. hebrew or greek

  12. As for ANY object people either cling to or worship whether it is the cube for muslims, or the crucifix for Christians, or the statues of Mary or the saints…is worshiping a graven image no different than the golden calf…the Ten Commandments are CLEAR. NO graven images.

  13. Cant hit the like button on a smart TV, that I know of, so watching youtube on a TV robs people of likes. I try to hit the like button on most content from people if it seems they took the time and was making an honest attempt at what they were doing. It is the least we can do to help and encourage people who put content out. Then there is youtube playing god with their creation, picking winners and losers based on if they are in the same cult as them or not.

  14. The stars are not angels. There is no Biblical scripture to substantiate that claim. Be careful what you say. Many people look up to you as a teacher and you will be held accountable by God for those whom you've led astray. Read the Bible and ask ask God to reveal the nature of his word to you through the Holy Spirit.
    The idea that stars are spiritual creatures is a Pagan belief. Be very careful…

  15. Hey Ritchie…Im a fan…love your work and good job!….This sort of reminds me of the movie Hellraiser….you know the one with the amusing weird looking dude with pins in his face that is supposed to be pure evil(I call him pinhead…lol)…I ended up watching one the other night and when I watched this video I thought of that immediately….I am going to watch the series this weekend as there are 2 or three of them …Ill let you know if there is any familiarity with what you are talking about in this video…Reap

  16. Satan isn't the king of Hell. And not every near death experience in "Hell" involves seeing cubes, aka prison cells. I've watched tons of them. Also, Revelation says the kingdom coming here is going to be cube-shaped. My understanding is the Kaaba at Mecca equates to the Jewish tabernacle, And I don't think Muslims worship it. How about asking them? That said, I do believe we don't just wait for judgment after this place. I suspect we keep doing this life over until we get it right. I also suspect these people had DMT experiences. I've never had one but those who have think it's very real. Couldn't the dark side convince these people they went to Hell? Satan would want everyone to think it's really difficult to get into Heaven to turn them away from God. Do five-year-olds go to Hell? What's the age cut-off? So everyone who's sinned up to this point is burning in Hell? Does that mean if Jesus comes back tomorrow, those who didn't believe in Him yesterday and died only spend a day in Hell? How is that fair? Do you really believe what you're saying or are you catering to fundamentalist Christians? Because certainly with technology and new knowledge, we can still be Christians without the traditional view of "Hell" that's not even Biblical. Jesus spoke in parables. Tartarus and Hades are the Greek translations of Hell in the New Testament, along with Gehenna, which was a trash dump in Jerusalem. It's also where people offered sacrifices to Moloch. What He was saying is that if we don't live our lives right, they'll be HELL-ish, which is certainly true. The parable of the poor man and the rich man is just that – a parable. It never says the poor man was righteous or there was any reason for him to be in Heaven. It's all about the rich man, who was greedy and didn't give to the poor. The Old Testament translation of Hell is Sheol, which is the grave. NONE of us know what happens after death – even these guys. That doesn't mean we can't put our faith in Christ. Okay, sorry I wrote a dissertation no one will probably read, but I don't think it's a good idea to scare people with the concept of Hell. Just my two cents, which I realize (especially on YouTube) are probably worth nothing.

  17. My friend died and was stuck in a black cube within a circle till the brought her back to life. When I died I witnessed the love and concerned of the creator it was the most awesome thing I ever felt, 100% convinced now!

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