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  1. Although we have been taught that the numerical value for September is (9) in truth and Actuality it is (7) = Septi. Therefore December is from "Deci" meaning (10) exactly what the Decimal point represents. This is one way they have distorted our time.

  2. Not sure if anyone sees it the same but that story about Sam and the plantation kinda exposes how America as well as all other so-called free nations were founded…some way or another!But I'm just a nobody!

  3. Can anybody see propaganda ? Umm yes ww2 all over register we r sheep on the path to destruction! Count the times history repeats itself, well waiting on Jesus he comes AFTER antichrist at the 7 th trump , we will be home better to die by the sword than the wrath when Jesus comes back to destroy the wicked HE is the A-Z AMEN

  4. The girl that said something like "if taking a simple shot in my arm is what it takes for me to live my life similar to how we use to" is delusional. They entice these young 20-30 something people with "get va**ed or bΕ«sters" so you can go party and you can go out to the bar & piss away your money on a hangover is too much for most of these idiots to resist.


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