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  1. My brother I'm so happy you know about the Jesuits. Please look into the Black Pope who is the real leader…💔 🙏. Do a video on him.
    This video is 2 years old but could have been made now…very good

  2. I will pray to God in Jesus name that he continues to cover you in the blood of the lamb who is the Christ. By telling the truth of bible prophecy you will be a target of the Devil & his demons.

  3. Donald Trump is a king as mentioned in Daniel. He has a crown of gold, his favorite color is NOT yellow, red, blue, green, etc., it is GOLD. A metallic color, not a rainbow color. When he and his family moved into the Whitehouse, he had it redone entirely in GOLD. Much like in the Trump towers. His favorite restaurant to eat at is "THE GOLDEN ARCHES". He is so wealthy that He is not even interested in being paid for his job as president, he has helped families out of his personal pocket and even helped partially fund the U.S.-Mexican wall building. He was prophesied in the Bible from Daniel and Isaiah, to the 4 gospels and revelations. He was put in office by God Himself. Islam has also been trying to overtake the entire globe, that plays a major part in politics and religion globally. Immigrants and so-called refugees are to be marked with the RFid chip which is nicknamed the Beast chip and the mark of the Beast. Already: FEMA has captured several hundred thousand people- mostly homeless, and forced them to take the chip. As of right now the chip is in the last phase of the experimental stage. However: those people are now said to be non-existent now. No one knows anything about them. The chip is intended to I.D. everyone one earth, store all personal information such as: birth certificate, credit cards, bank accounts, criminal history if any, military and employment histories, all records of where people have lived, education, religion, medical history, etc. Bitcoin was an idea of Donald Trump to electronicize all currency around the globe, so Noone could buy, sell, or steal money; because there would no longer be physical currency, it would only be electronic. The downfall of the United States was prophesied since the time of Moses and is now in the works, and picking up speed. BABYLON THE GREAT as mentioned in revelations. Everything prophesied in the Bible before the Great fall has almost all happened. Only a few things have not yet happened, as of yet. One major event that certainly has to happen yet is: there must be a reverse solar eclipse across Babylon the Great, before BABYLON falls. Just as in the days of Noah, the eclipse has already crossed from Portland, Oregon to Miami, Florida. That happened on Aug. 23rd, 2017, the next time it will happen in reverse going from east to west on Aug, 23rd, 2024. Exactly like in the days of Noah. Except the sins of this world are much more worse now, and will never be as bad ever again! As for me… as long as i am an American citizen: i will do my duties as an American citizen, and live as an American citizen till the Lord God ALMIGHTY takes me home! Only GOD ALMIGHTY knows how i await for Him.

  4. America is the seed, the N.W.O. is the tree, or the 4th kingdom of Daniel's vision, which is the pale horse of Revelation. The book of Revelation is the withheld prophecy of Daniel's vision. Withheld pending Christ's victory on the cross, and his coronation as the final and permanent King of Israel. The four horseman, are beasts, or as defined by Daniel Kingdoms! America is the U.N., and is not being taken over by it.

  5. God Bless you Brother and ALL those who have an hear, LET THEM HEAR! You know honestly my fellow one you're True Testimony and the words that come forth from your Spirit are truly a blessing to me right now in my time of testing and just as Jesus told his fellow disciples, I tell you the truth, I await the day where we meet in the Coming Kingdom! May Peace and Wisdom be unto you this day so you may be strengthened for the ongoing warfare! Amen

  6. I told people that Donald Trump was going to be the next President after the third debate when He and Hillary Clinton had the dinner with the Jesuit Priest! They were holding a Prayer Service with Mrs. Clinton on one side and Mr. Trump on the other side of the Lead Cardinal. The Cardinal gives Mr. Trump the Shoder Bump and a Nod! I said that is it. Mr. Trump has just been selected. It is all over with but the results!

    By no means am I aHillary Supporter! Far from it! There was no way the Jesuit Priest and the Folks from Bohemian Grove were going to let a Female be President! I am still surprised they let Mr. Obama be President. I guess His being cousins and blood related to the Bush Family did not hurt!

  7. I totally agree with you, but I do think it does give us a little more time because if Hillary had gotten in a lot of us would probably already be dead or in the death camps or on the way to them. God bless you man, I'm praying for all of us.

  8. l agree nothing happens by chance. God has come to help us. things shall be as. the father sees fit. nothing is stronger than or weapon. eventually we will see a better life returned to us and the great sinners of all will be taken away. God bless all who believe in and trust in him.

  9. C7.. I've been watching your vids on binge mode lately.. you are most right and awesomely right in your assessments.

    'Obama'.. he's still in power, despite what people think.. he wants to be like King David, an interrupted King..

    The world will see Trump fail and America fall.. and 'Obamanation' will be there to pick up the pieces from a head chair at the UN, Pope Francis right there by his side.

    Christianity as the Remnant, as it is meant to be, our 'Fundamentalism'.. it will be outlawed.

    This is the 'Last Trump's' mission.

    So not only are you right.. but you are more right than I think you realize.

    Much love good Brother

  10. God showed me since the beginning that Trump is somebody's puppet and this is confirmation. I don't trust him at all for he is a lair. He says that he is with Israel but again he is lying, he is like the worm in the bait, a tramp for them to deliver them to their enemies. He says he is pro-life but he hates the Hispanics??? Hatred is the same as murder. He is not in favor if the Christians, he is going to betrayed everyone. God have mercy of everyone. If we read the book of Daniel, we will see the truth about Trump just ask God for revelation. Don't let him deceive you. Your precious souls and your families are at risk. Put your eyes on Jesus
    Christ. The savior of our souls. He will never deceive you.


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