The Dream Prophet🌈🌈🌲Vick and the Bear 2022 🐻👱‍♀️ All Fun and Games 🎱🤖 1 hour ⏰ Сartoon collection 🎬
00:08 The Dream Prophet
10:12 Back to the Forest 2
20:15 Pole Vaulting Bramble to the Rescue
30:18 The Bearer of Bad Dreams
40:21 Going Home
50:24 Natasha’s Here
🎉🧡🐾Boonie Bears is a Chinese animated cartoon series shown on multiple Chinese platforms and television stations, including Central China Television and Beijing Television Network.The series features two bears, Briar and Bramble, who try to stop Logger Vick from destroying their forest home. Some other minor characters, mainly animals, are also shown, such as an owl, a Gopher, and 2 monkeys.
Briar is the elder and the wiser of the two brother bears who is the one that leads attempts to stop Logger Vick. He fights with Bramble sometimes when he gets mad at him for being lazy or afraid. The color of his fur is Red.
Bramble is Briar’s younger brother bear who tries to stop Logger Vick with Briar from cutting down trees. He is the lazier of the two, and loves to eat food, especially fish & honey. The color of his fur is Yellow.
Vick is a logger. He often runs into the bears who try to stop him from cutting down the trees in the forest. He is bald, so he wears a hat or an equestrian helmet to hide his head. He is often seen carrying a chainsaw or a shotgun and he usually wears a
jacket and jeans. Every time he is defeated by the bears, he tries to think of a plan on how to get revenge. These plans usually end in failure. In Boonie Bears the Adventurers, Vick quits logging and becomes a tour guide.
👉 Boonie Bears was first shown in January 2012 and became the most popular children’s show in China. More than 700 thirteen-minute episodes have been produced so far.The series is produced by Fantawild Holdings Inc.
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