The End Of Gold And Bitcoin In The Fed
Money can be printed. Wealth cannot. Printing money is quite useful for transferring wealth to the bank cartel, as they buy up distressed assets with money created out of thin air. Gold will end the Fed. Borrowing usury money instead of making our own currency with no interest cost as per the US constitution! We had a friggin tea party revolution in the US over one tax! Money printing doesn’t really add anything to the economy. In effect, money derives its value from the production of goods and services. Everything that’s produced gets divided up based on the amount of money in the system. The one main reason for the US Dollar fiat currency’s stability is because it’s used as a global reserve currency. After Bretton Woods, the US rode the global growth train and could benefit tremendously as a result. The idea that the United States, by itself, reflected the strength of the Dollar is simply wrong. Controlling the global reserve currency used for the majority of international trade allows for a great deal of skimming and self-service, which is precisely what the US did for obvious reasons.
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