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  1. Don't take the chip honey. That is Satan Is using him to get to you because he knows you are in a weakened. State of mind when you are with him or on the phone with him

  2. You sure pulled through the devil attacking you with the copy right crap πŸ’© and made you're own music 🎢 wow 😳 I am so impressed with you're new format and music you're so smart and brave. I am so glad you did pull through all of that negativity and crap. I love it so much. I just wanted you to know that I prayed for you. I love ❀️ you're graphics to. Loves everything.

  3. do you even hear what you Say levi the antichrist is already here he has been walking the earth already you need to stop freaking the people out like for reals i am ready for the end cause i have found jesus

  4. In 7 years, in 2024 there'll be another eclipse on US only. Interestingly enough, the tribulation is also 7 years. Could this be the time of troubles? Pray for U.S. and repent. God Bless you all!

  5. I just found your channel. I want so bad to believe you are a true messenger of God. but you repeat things over and over, and well.. Yes! Over. when someone does this. It's a form of brainwashing. either you don't know this, or your not a true brother in christ. sorry if this offends you. I can only hope you are real. there are many frauds out there right now. God bless you, and your followers, in the father, son and holy spirit.

  6. My prayer Psalm 58 about Wayne Levi Price
    not responding to my instructions from the
    Holy Spirit on my Facebook. He knows so
    many people that could had made contact
    with me about my prayer for him. I left
    the group and no one in the administration
    responded, possibly thought my comment
    was that of trouble making. That my comment
    was a serious prayer about Wayne Levi Price
    his responsibility for the many. I pray those
    righteous with Jesus Holy Spirit will wash
    their feet in the blood of the wicked. Because
    after our trials to support each other
    doesn't not work for some, it is better
    to block the wicked. I am now going to
    block Wayne Levi Price, on my YouTube
    and I will not share his programmes on Facebook.
    Because of the disrespect and ungratefulness.
    Monday 21st August 2017

  7. And if he is which he is not cuz he is akready her but if he is according to you what the fuck are you gonna do about it live streaming from your house

  8. To that black woman your wrong Jesus told me out in random one day and told me what I do to myself and others I do unto him and my body is his temple so he asked me why do I put makeup on him .that was hard for me because I loved makeup not to mention it's an insult to think we need to change the way he created us.all fakery and tattoos ext is not OK with Jesus .and he also told me if a man stumble because he lusts after me even tho iv not encourage it. If I'm wearing these things his blood shall be on my hands because makeup an that is designed by Satan .go do your study's too on where makeup started ancient Egyptians why they wear it .

  9. I was dreaming once of this male like figure walking threw my front door walking into the living room where I was sleeping saw myself and this thing looking down staring at me I woke up with this chill in my spine and my dog was barking looking at the exact spot this thing was standing well ever since after that my house was spooked I started changing and wasn't myself then I killed my dog for no reason but I knew it wasn't me .then I was communicating with what I thought was the dead and got into witchcraft became an escort because I was on drugs then one night I cried out to whoever is out there because I know there's a god out there then Jesus stepped in and saved me and while all this was happening when I think back in that same house I found a CD no one knows where it came from at all and only two songs would play on it and it was .come now is the time to worship and take us to the river of our god.

  10. Hi Everyone. Can i share my dream here? Its just happend only this last friday night. I think this is the part of my dream again before i am turning 18 years old. Now am turning29. (my english is not goo pls understand) My dream is this.
    I was sleeping in home then someone knock our door. When i open it i saw jesus christ. He told me "The time is come" then when i look at his back i saw a big wave of water. Then i woke up!
    This is not the only happend to me since i was just a kids..


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