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  1. YHVH is waking many Christians including myself up to many false teachings in Christianity. I already know this channel doesn't teach that you can sin your way into the kingdom, but I have learned from the father exactly how we are supposed to be living.

    He has revealed to me many deceptions in the Christian church including the fact that we are supposed to keep the Sabbath day still. This is a command that was given as a covenant between YHVH and his people forever. There is no scripture to support this ever went away but there's plenty to show that Paul kept the Sabbath day and all the New Testament Believers did. Paul also taught the Torah and they kept the Ten Commandments, the biblical Feasts, and the dietary laws which means no more pork, shellfish, and stuff like lobster and catfish. As well as Roadkill certain birds of the air like Falcons and Eagles, and a few other things. These dietary instructions were given for our own good he does not want us eating just any rodent or bug off the ground.

    The Christian churches have taught that the Commandments have been done away with but there's no supporting evidence for this whatsoever unless you twist Paul's writings. But Paul was actually teaching against the rabbinic law which was the oral law that the Pharisees would follow and they were trying to get people to follow it he was not teaching against the Commandments of the father though this would not make any sense. Christians will tell you that you have fallen from Grace if you keep the Commandments but if you keep this logic would I have to intentionally disobey the Commandments then do not fall from grace?

    I've never met a Christian that does not think we should keep nine out of the Ten Commandments. Like honoring your mother and father, not committing murder, not stealing, not committing adultery. But when it comes to the fourth Commandment and you think you should keep that everyone says you have fallen from grace and your illegal list. Why would I be a legalist for obeying won out of the Ten Commandments but not for the others?

    Another problem this leads to is people say we just should not sin anymore, but what is the definition of sin? It is the transgression of the law. So if we're not supposed to do it anymore doesn't that mean we should start keeping the law?

    You can find hundreds of verses throughout the scriptures that say we should obey the Commandments. Of course we do not do this apart from faith in Messiah which is what it's talking about in Revelation 14-12. It says here is the patience of the qodeshiym, which means set apart ones. That they have guarded the Commandments and have the testimony of yahushua.

    This brings up another problem in the church oh, the early Christian church has changed the name of the Messiah from yahushua to Jesus. But the letter j didn't even exist till like 400 years ago so he was always known as yahushua before that and it was changed intentionally.

    This was done for no good reason although they have their own excuses but none of them make any sense. They also took the names of the father out of the scriptures. They replace everything with Pagan words Lord and God. Lord actually in Hebrew means Baal.

    The same people replace the biblical feasts with pagan holidays that the whole Old Testament teacher's against these are Abominations. By teaching all these false things and getting rid of the Commandments and the Old Testament they basically get people to follow their own hearts and what their idea of obedience is. If there is no standard, then we just make up our own way and we end up celebrating pagan holidays, and doing all kinds of other worldly things.

    I just want to encourage everybody to search the truth on this matter because it's very important. The scriptures teach against following the traditions of men and that's exactly what all of the Christian churches are doing. Sunday worship is a tradition of men, communion is a tradition of men it's only supposed to be done once a year at Passover, praying to Mary and idles is a tradition of men anything that is added or changed in the word is a tradition of men.

    We are supposed to come out of her and be separate we are supposed to follow the word in the word alone we are supposed to believe in the Messiah and walk just as the Messiah walked and the Messiah kept the Commandments and so did all of his followers and all of the apostles.

    Some people say we just follow the New Testament now but the early church did not even have the New Testament. This was written later on they followed the Torah which is what we're supposed to be following.

    When I got really serious about obeying the truth this is when the father showed me all of these things and he is opening many people's eyes. Now it's not just about following a bunch of Commandments we must first turn from our wickedness and all of our idols, and put our faith in the Messiah. This is when the father will give you a new heart and put his spirit in you and his spirit will guide you into truth and give you discernment and then we walk by the spirit in obedience with endurance overcoming The Works of the flesh and with patience and long-suffering and meekness just like the Messiah was we ask the father to make us just like he was and to work on our hearts first. We must become the character of the Messiah and walk just as he walked and it's the most liberating thing ever!

    Praise Yahovah!

  2. Some by compassion some by fear compare not yourselves one with another each man has his portion to live out scripture tells us comparison is foolishness all that believe the gospel that call on the name of the lord shall be saved I love your teaching brother God forgave them because moses interceded for them like he gave Sodom and Gomorrah a chance before removing lot and his family and destroying them because Abraham interceded if there are ten righteous would you spare them you're right on with the covetousness and fighting our lusts Gods grace gives us the power my coworker walked up on me having one of those moments lol

  3. Yes it's key to know our enemy lest we too be deceived … Brother's n Sister's Put on the Full Armor of God daily Fast Pray Always Love n Lead other's to Salvation through the Blood of Jesus Christ Our Redeemer!


  4. I keep warning what the holy spirit said to me after I humbled my self even if it falls on deaf ears.

    This is not an opinion or interpretation the holy spirit said this him self.

    Trump = Daniel 11 19.

    Biden = Daniel 11 20.

    Obama = Daniel 11 21.

    It is Revelation 17:10-11 KJV Trump=6th Biden=7th Obama=8th & of the 7 the 5th head and the 8th.

    This is what the holy spirit said to me.

  5. Hello everyone my name is Carlos and I’m asking for advice and prayer, recently I found Questioning my faith and god love for me and I’ve been a fallen believer and I pray to serve him faithful I although I have found myself Doubting falling and sining against god and doubts about his love for me taking it as wrath and punishment, because thing fall apart ND NIT TOTHER and it not being fair and me literally be angry and questioning god which ik is wrong I love god and ik he has a plan for my pain and struggles if you guys can comment back on this I’d be grateful love y’all

  6. There isn't a god , it is in your head . Its made up its fiction . If God existed would he put you through this . Now you say he is testing us . REALLY why thats not true . If that's your story what about your rights . Wake up the only thing that is true is here and now. Your picture says it all two children in gas masks where is God. I believe in something sadly its not God I have been to the Vatican and seen how the other half live and I bet you have never seen so much gold makes me sick with all this poverty priests surrounded by wealth and abusing young children you spouting off about God. He won't save you wake up save yourself

  7. Youtube, FSS, So It Begins, (Imagine these bombings happening simultaneously in every  US State, capital, as predicted, since Bush/ Clinton/Bush? The first into Trump Whitehouse, forewarning 15% will be its US losses, so as FSS says, 'So  it begins,' so said Angel Gabriel' May 15, ( 2004); Rev 10, Mighty Angel and Rev 17, 7th Angel, Jan 22-29, (2018); as so there's Rev 12 star warring Angels, Jan 20, (2019); Angel Gabriel' Angel, said, mentioning both the escaping Bride as with a Seventh Angel, the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind; 

    -Mighty Angel said, som5e like, no more doomsday passover's US soil, beware the Midwest, the Eastern, seaboard, RUN, before, as US/Canada West Pacific just now, you're wiped from the planet. Straightly, no, Greenland isn't blessed Escape, Jordan's Petra to US Georgia's Atlantic, into Southeast Africa's Atlantic, beware, hearers, doers, stampeders and thus, overcomers, beware, Apb, see here,, how for six millennia it's ALL been ending prophetically, Apb


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