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  1. This "World" is Really Sitting Ducks!! The time of the very End, is Near!! Many in the World, Don't see 🙈 this!! Don't hear 🙉 this !! And Most of all don't speak 🙊 this!! Amazing!!☝️😏

  2. Nothing can separate you from Jesus but you so make up your minds stop the lukewarm say no to selfish pleasures and trust HOLY SPIRIT to put words in your mouth when needed like the Bible says but you have to be one accord with JESUS if we love him like we say we will stand and endure so encourage one another be bold and smart it's beyond worth it in the end ,ETERNAL PEACE JOYOUS LOVE

  3. You know what Levi. We're no real threat to them. The agenda is nearly complete and working better than expected. I'll hand it to them. The programming has been intense, all encompassing and very successful in the UK at least. If only it were not so. Oh Messiah. We really need your mercy. We really want to make it into your kingdom of light. Please help us to be strong even when friends and family betray us or think we've lost the plot. Please by the power of the Holy Spirit give us spiritual discernment so we don't fall prey to the coming deceptions. May our heavenly Father be with all our brothers and sisters through every trial and tribulation we face. Stay strong. It's not long now. 🙏

  4. It’s all meaningless here on earth 🌍 nothing matters in the end! material wealth is worthless. Repent and be saved. Thanks 🙏 for the strong message Brother Levi and warning. Christians will be persecuted Be strong brothers and sisters until the end! The vaccine is just the beginning of tyranny and complete control of humanity. We’re done!


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