What is the mark of the beast? What happens in The Great Tribulation? Where is Armageddon?
In this interview, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, explains what we can know about end times prophecy as revealed in the Bible, specifically Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation.

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  2. It is now February 26, 2022. Most people are not aware how close we are to the revealing of the Antichrist. What is being revealed to me as of June 13, 2021 is we are in the first half of Daniel's 70th week; also known as Jacob's Trouble (what a lot of churches refer to as the 7 year tribulation; but they confuse it with the wrath of the Lamb, Revelation 6:12-17). These 7 years are years like the disciples experienced, they were killed for their faith but this was not God pouring out his wrath on His own people. The disciples were church leaders when they were killed. They were not appointed to wrath. So, the tribulations they suffered were not wrath from God. The disciples taught what Jesus taught them and taught that Christians are not appointed to wrath; but they were killed for their faith. These problems are demonic and are tribulation from Satan and man not God.

    This was a time like the world had never seen before; a time when people were killed by an antichrist spirit taking the form of men. There were 69 other past weeks (7 years) in Daniel's 70 weeks lead by an antichrist spirit of Satan. Each week increasingly is worse than the last like birth pains. Now Satan knows his time is short which makes this last week like the world had never seen before.

    The antichrist spirit is working through many now; but there are right now 8 main leaders; seven Jewish and one Islamic with strong ties to the Muslim brotherhood who will usher in "The Antichrist" as they began the 70th week. A peace covenant was made with the Jewish leaders and the eighth leader to allow the third temple to be built on the temple mount in the 3 years (entering into the mid week of this last week). This announcement was made at the end of the same week Israel voted in their new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett on June 13th, 2021. June 13th began a new work week in Israel under a new government. Bennett was part of an eight faction party that had a women siting on one of the seats (Revelation 17:9-11). Not known by the Jewish leaders, this covenant will usher in the Antichrist who will be revealed when he is given a tour of the freshly built temple.

    Forty-two months later (could be shortened for the elects sake), the sixth seal in Revelation 6 will be opened. There will be darkness through out as the sun and moon are darkened; an earthquake will open graves and the dead in Christ will rise up (this includes the two witnesses being called up). Remember the dead were raised up from their graves when there was an earthquake and darkness when Christ died on the cross. It will be like that. No Christians or Jewish believers will be killed because of it or any other cosmic disturbances happening at that time.

    Revelation 6:14 is when Jesus will be seen coming on the clouds when the sky recedes as a scroll when it is rolled up. The rapture will occur. Then the Wrath of the Lamb will begin. There will be people who will ask for forgiveness and will believe when they see the Lord coming on the clouds but this will be too late for the rapture but they will survive to dwell on the earth to be ruled by Jesus as He establishes His Kingdom there for 1000 years. Those raptured will be joined with Jesus in the air (Joined with Jesus; joined together is a marriage; forever be with the Lord where ever He may go). They will mount up on horses to ride with the Lord to the earth as the Lord pours out His wrath on the world and then sets up His Kingdom. This is where the new Jerusalem is when it comes down from heaven.

    The eagles will gather on earth to eat the flesh of those killed from the wrath. Those who survived will dwell outside the city of the New Jerusalem forbidden to enter the city gates. Those who were raptured will live in the New Jerusalem with incorruptible bodies; but will be able to come in and out of the city as needed. They will be teachers to the survivors through fellowship.

  3. The Roman Catholic Church is the great whore of Babylon mentioned in the book of revelations in the Holy Bible. Rome sits on seven hills symbolic to the seven heads ,of the seven headed beast of revelations, the ten horns of the beast represent 10 kings. The bishops and popes are clothed in purple and Scarlet, just as the whore of Babylon is described as being clothed with. During the inquisitions the Roman papacy slaughtered over 50 million people who were tortured, and murdered, for the crimes of heresy. In those days the crimes of heresy could have simply been possessing a Holy Bible or denying that the Pope was God on earth. The Roman emporer Constantine is the man responsible for creating Sunday worship, a completely man made holy day, a day in which he called the venerable day of the Sun. The day of pagan sun worship. The papacy will be back in full power as in the days of the dark ages, and as the days of the inquisitions of Rome during the time of the great tribulations mentioned in revelations. The papacy has been and always will be the antichrist, a counterfeit church of the antichrist, with pagan traditions, such as idolatry, putting priests in the place of Jesus Christ, by claiming to have the power to forgive sins. vik-eruhv krahyst ] SHOW IPA. / ˈvɪk ər əv ˈkraɪst / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun Roman Catholic Church. the pope, with reference to his claim to stand in the place of Jesus Christ and possess His authority in the church. Vicar of Christ is the title the Pope uses to claim to stand in the place of Jesus Christ and to possess his authority in the church. And almost everyone knows that the Pope also likes to be called the holy see which means he who sits in Christ's seat, and of course he also loves to be called holy father. When the tribulations come the antichrist papacy will again be the ones persecuting the saints and believers who refuse to worship the papacy the mother of harlots!!!

  4. Matthew 24:29-30

    King James Version

    29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

    30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

  5. Please read scripture again. believers will be here during tribulation, We will be called up to Jesus at the last trumpet. The pre tribulation and mid tribulation rapture is a lie to mislead the elect.

  6. You are a false teacher…..The great tribulation was 66-73 a.d. When Titus and Tiberius Julius Alexander began the siege of Jerusalem 3 days before passover in the very midst of the seven years they caused the daily sacrifice and oblation to cease. Regarding the four horsemen of the apocalypse consider 69 a.d. which was known as the "year of the four emperors" which btw., when Vespasian was installed as emperor death and hell followed after……….. I really don't understand why you people dont study your bible history before you purport to being an expert in bible prophecy..?!? ~ St. Alby

  7. For those looking for proof of God: Search AOC Network's videos on evidence Jesus is the Messiah and Daniel's 70 weeks prophecies. There are precise date prophecies that have been fulfilled. Also Robert Breaker's "The 7,000 years of human history." Over 500 specific prophecies have been fulfilled already, and the Bible has always been far ahead of science. Search Rapture Forums: 101 Bible scientific facts, and read that article. It's God's word 100%, Jesus is who he says he is.


  9. It seems crazy to think anyone would ever not recognize the devil is on the moonlit streets and at moonlit crossroads, to us. But in a time when people have essentially forgotten God, then it would be easy for the demons to give info to people and tell people that that is some benevolent alien, fairy, ancient wizard, dryad, or whatever.

  10. One of these songs and mvs was almost entirely about how the demons will replace the true provisions of God and hard work with fake things like black magic, wishes, possessions, "rides like a sweet dream", easy money, free food, mark of the beast, free stuff, etc… but it also makes it clear that their fake gains will suddenly drop off, as the people have really lost full control of their bodies and will eventually shrink and go poof away, as nothing of Satan's is permanent, and the system will just hide all of it, blaspheme about it, and tell lies about all of it!

  11. Society is gonna get really bad, morally. They're gonna lie so bad they will say that the Devil is a benevolent alien, some kind of nature fairy, the ghost of an ancient wizard that just wants to help humanity, that the reason he's in the moonlight on the streets is because his planet is cold, that he is the beneficent provider, they will even say that the Devil is God, that if you are having trouble the Devil is a "nearby happiness" just a few hundred or so feet away on the moonlit streets, that making deals with him is where everything comes from, that the Devil created everything… when of course the Devil will still be the Devil and the people will get possessed, shrink and disappear!

  12. Well the end is not just yet, but is getting closer, or even close. The demons are being sent back by Jesus now, according to the pop songs:

    "[Satan, other fallen angels and demons and fallen talking to Jesus] Don't say now [now you're time's up, Satan, demons and fallen angels, so get back to Hell.]

    Don't come close [Satan saying "Don't come closer just yet, Jesus."].

    In this moment I'm happy [Satan and the fallen angels and demons are happy but their time is now up and Jesus is approaching]." -IVE's Eleven seems to be saying, one of the readings.

    And either this year or when the demons come back in a few decades or centuries, that will be the offer of money and free stuff in exchange for the person's soul. Maybe it won't be the mark of the beast just yet, but maybe it will. Maybe the mark of the beast will be later on, or even the time the demons come back after then!

  13. The lies are going to get so bad that people getting the mark of the beast and selling their souls to the Devil will be seen as cool, amazing, brilliant and fulfilling their life plans, while Christians will be seen as some ancient outdated shame that are refusing easy money, that don't want to get possessed, that don't want to get a mark of the beast on their right hands nor their foreheads, that don't want to toss the "continuing benefits" as they say, of the soul for "a little fun", ride, free stuff, being able to wish for anything, buying, selling, zillions of dollars, etc.". It would be horrible for Christians, had not God chosen to personally give them things and to end the days short.

  14. Oh also I remembered this if you also want to get closer to the origin of the 666 which is Satan now the secret society have this hidden way to read what you read so flip 666 and it becomes 999 which 9 is the number for ghost and the ghost the unseen world is Satan's world so it's 666 the Antichrist working with Satan behind the curtains 999 also we can decode this number by taking the 2 last numbers and flip the last one and put the middle one as I's as the first 69 and the last stays 6 it becomes 696 so basically 6 for the Antichrist 9 for Satan and another 6 for the fake prophet that will claim his the mahdi and will be there to affirm the Antichrist's claims and will aid the Antichrist pretending he died and comes back as if he came from the dead anyway at least 30 people will claim to be the prophet and around 30 will claim to be Jesus don't be fooled my brothers and sisters god bless you all 💓

  15. This man is absolutely right 666 is the combination numbers for his name like mine is 2692 ….I wonder what would give me 666 I have to try to figure it out I'm new in this numerology thing lol finally someone figure it out the mark 666 lol ppl don't fall for this don't get the mark stay strong and ask God for strength and guidance I invite everyone to read the Quran …the Quran is scientificly proven and it has never been re-writen it's still carries the same pages it did 1400 years ago please consider checking the quaran out you won't be dissapointed …alla bless everyone AMEN

  16. Biblical speaking the End Times was the end of the Earthly old covenant kingdom age that gave way to the eternal Heavenly New Covenant Kingdom of Jesus Messiah without End. All this other stuff is conjecture.


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