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  1. I need help…my prescriptions that I take that helps me with my recovery…I'm not sure I'm strong enough because the sickness is so intense most couldnt even imagine …I think about suicide when I'm that sick.. idk what to do I dont want to go to hell or just be without God for that matter…IM SO WEAK😭

  2. We cannot love this world or the things in it if we truly love God , this is what differentiates true followers.. it's sad the majority is spiritually blind, even close ones😔 god help us🙏😔

  3. Wayne, you are walking a very tight line, asking people to give up prescribed medication. I'm just letting you know that you could be leaving yourself wide open for a law suit. I cannot give up my medications, if I did, my kidneys would shut down. Think of all the people on Blood Thinning medications, do you want to be responsible for someone having a stroke?

    If they are taken drugs for recreational purposes, I stand with you 100%. I've taken to opening up capsules to make sure that there's nothing added that I wouldn't want in my body. That's how paranoid I've become. Please think about what you are saying. Peace and May God Almighty bless you and yours.

  4. God puts us between a rock and a hard place to draw out the anointing oil setting us on 🔥 for Him and purge our mind , body, and hearts of unrighteousness to make us Holy for his Glory because of his never ending Love


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