Are these the end times? Why are plagues mentioned 100 times in the Bible? What did Jesus say about his return?
In this interview, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, explains what we can know about end times prophecy as revealed in the Bible, specifically Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation.

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  1. I have no doubt that Donald J. Trump is the Antichrist! No other. The Tribulation starts when the Covenant with many is signed and Trump is about to sign that. The deception of which you speak is from people trying to deflect attention from Trump.

  2. Welcome to the Bible study. and to the daily verse of the Bible. The last days are they near? Let's read what the Bible says.
    Because you know this, first that in the last days mockers will come with their mockery, proceeding according to their own wishes ¨ and saying: Where is that promised presence of him? Well, since the day our ancestors fell asleep (in death ), all things continue exactly as from the beginning of creation. Second Peter chapter three verse three and four.
    Because, according to their desire, this fact escapes them, that there were heavens from ancient times, and an earth kept compactly out of water and in the midst of water by the word of God; and by those (means) the world of that time suffered destruction when it was flooded in water. Second of Peter chapter three verse five and six. (- Let's learn from this word -) (Word of God. Word of salvation.) We will make further videos on the theme of the last days.
    God bless you . And have a good day, thank you very much. Dear brothers and sisters.

  3. We are experiencing the Great Deception with the Bill Gates Plandemic. The Common Cold virus is a Coronavirus and the media is preying on people’s ignorance by calling it a “Novel Coronavirus.” The CDC admitted to lumping flu deaths into COVID19 deaths. To inflate the numbers, perhaps? Masks are part of Satanic Rituals and what we are participating in is a Mass Satanic Ritual.

  4. Remarkable that covid, AIDS, STDs, flu, Ebola, and various infections are not considered God's judgment. Read 1 Kings 8. Grace is not God's smiling down on believers' sin. Grace teaches us how to die to sin. Titus 2:11-12. Only the few who continue in the Word for themselves are Christ's disciples, and they will be saved OUT of slavery to sin. Jn. 8:31-36. Sin is not supposed to have dominion over us. Rom. 8:14. The professing believers in the US need to repent and give their entire lives over to obedience to God's 1100 New Testament commandments. Only repentance will save this nation and the lukewarm easy- believism church.


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