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  1. I had a realisation mixed with vision today that Jesus will overcome all ends, the spirit is so pure and power so unbelievably clear no evil can exist in its place, I felt the peace and knowledge that my soul is saved with Jesus only.this is my truth.

  2. The switch has been flipped as the mark of the beast is here, you must focus on yourself and not get it; thus your example will bring others to Christ. Be Brave.

  3. I've struggled a long time to follow jesus in full. I've realised its because of the responsibility and the struggle ahead when I choose the life. Persecution worries me and after going back and forth I'm not strong enough to do it or to share the gospal. Pray for me and hopefully I can become the person I use to be who followed God strongly. I also ask to pray for my girlfriend that she comes to the lord and that I can help bring her

  4. Amen brother the threshing floor, the furnace of affliction is for our good but does not feel good. I love Him! I want to see Him and see the love in His eyes. That is what I think of, also I think of being on my face and being paralyzed with such a reverence, a holy fear because of His holiness. To hear Words not of condemnation but of sorrow finding out where I failed Him. Seeing my works tried by fire and some if not most burnt up because not done with perfect love. Yes I am thinking of that.

  5. Judgment begins in the house of God…my prayer is that I'm found worthy to enter His kingdom…let thy will be done Lord…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling…be the Word of God and drink from the living water of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..narrow is the way..


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