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  1. But let me ask you brother Levi what is your escape plan ? Are you going to be the one who flees into captivity with 42 months of food supply or will you surrender without a fight to go to the "quarantine camps" ? That's my dilemna

  2. For many people, I believe this will be way much easier said than done.

    Its not until they see their innocent children dying of starvation and constant hunger pains right before their very eyes in which will make them have doubts about all this "Jesus thing"

    Many will question themselves of why their Lord and savior is allowing for them and their children to suffer a VERY slow and painful death when they themselves have been completely devoted to worshipping God and truly living in his ways. 🤔

    EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING times we are fixing to encounter soon. This will test our faith to a level far beyond human comprehension.

  3. I already counted the cost right down to losing my job which I just received a promotion and that will be hard to give up and it hurts that I may not allow my child to take the vaccine and so she might not be able to go to school just enrolled my other daughter into college and that's another cost I have to count if I go without my meds I am bipolar and will probably go psychotic I'm not kidding the cost is high for me and I'm feeling the pressure but each day I get more at peace with it and will pick up my cross when the time comes and lay down my life in return for an eternal life

  4. The Angels in heaven knows my name. My fear is in Jesus. He holds me in the cleft of His hands Find your strength in Him and us your fellow Breathern and know we will join together and triumph Oh how sweet is the taste of Victory and bitter is defeat It may get hard but the time will be short I am definitely praying for all Love You in Jesus name Mighty is the Lamb of God who will return as the Lyon of Judah

  5. I just want to say thank you, Brother Levi. I dont comment often, but I often watch your videos and streams. Your voice is familiar and comforting, because I know when I hear you, it's the truth of Christ vibrating thru my ears. I appreciate so much that you keep it real the way you do, and dont just say what we may want to hear. Thank you for that. Many blessings to you and your family.

  6. After I was rushed into the hospital by ambulance with Vertigo and vomiting , chest pain they diagnosed me with BPPV, this was at the start of Covid. After seeing a doctor at a clinic she put me on medication for high blood pressure I was considered hypertensive, I stayed on it for a couple weeks, and took myself off. They did tests on me still claiming it was BPPV. If you look into the side effects of these medications many time the side effects are worse than the disease. I felt no better on them, in fact I was worse, I felt like a zombie, it has been 8 months since I seen a Doctor and I will not go back. I no longer trust Doctors or their medication, they are not healers,they maintained until the last time I seen them I have BPPV, initially I was off balance, had trouble walking. They refused to see the connection to Vertigo and high blood pressure resulting in stroke. Shorty after my body started to shake, and the shaking has only got worse, this has been my life for almost 9 months. I am 54, I did not expect to go out this young, I have put it in Gods hands. I will continue to pray, and am ready to go when he wills it.

  7. Brother Levi. After years of listening to the doctrines of the prosperity preachers, many are now finding it difficult to make the transition to the truth. Even with my friends and church members, it is so difficult to wake them up. They think our Creator is a cuddly Santa Claus who wouldn't put us through such things. With the church in the UK more often than not playing it safe and agreeing with the government, it is down to the true remnant to be willing to be outcasts.

  8. Am3n my brother Levi✝️👍love you bro I'm in FEMA region 1 if they put the me their for not taking the shot I'm ready brother maybe I'll c u their but I think you would b in another # for the. Camp

  9. Trump = Daniel 11 19. Biden = Daniel 11 20. Obama = Daniel 11 21. It is Revelation 17:10-11 KJV Trump=6th Biden=7th Obama=8th & of the 7 the 5th head and the 8th. This is what the holy spirit said to me. I got my account taken away for posting this in full.


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