April 24, 2022
Pastor Steven Furtick
Elevation Church

Keep the faith.

In “The Facts Aren’t Final,” we’re reminded that, even when it seems like the facts of our situation are against us, God has the final say.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Praying For Elevation Nights
2:32 – Walking Into A Desperate Situation
6:39 – The Facts Aren’t Final
9:17 – Facing The Worst News
12:50 – God Is Working In The Interruptions
16:05 – What Keeping Faith Means
18:28 – Desperation Will Cause You To Act
21:16 – Trusting Jesus Over And Over
24:58 – Dealing With The Interruption
27:37 – You Already Have Everything
33:57 – Is This An Attack From The Enemy?
37:57 – Afraid Of Facing The Facts
40:50 – Shift Your Perspective
43:58 – I Want Jesus To Speak To Me
46:24 – Choose To Decline
50:09 – Cutting The Noise In Your Mind
53:33 – Is Faith Really That Simple?
58:10 – The Quiet Quit
1:00:50 – You Need To Look At It Again
1:04:19 – Stop Putting More Faith In The Facts
1:06:44 – A Prayer For Those Who Have Quietly Quit
1:08:20 – I Surrender It To You, God

Scripture References:
Mark 5, verses 35-43
Mark 5, verse 34

The Facts Aren’t Final | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church



  1. Pastor Steven Furtick please there's something I want to share with you now. I thought of going back to university of Jos to complete my degree program since they just called the strike off. Please should I forget about it or not thank you.

  2. Lord I surrender all the pain my failed relationships has cause me and my family. I surrender that my thoughts will not let go of the pain. The thoughts of never being able to find a good Christian man. The thoughts of despair and fear of being single till I'm called home. Lord I surrender it all to you. In Jesus's name I pray amen 🙏

  3. Thank you, Pastor Steven for this message as I walk through my Season of Faith Believing God for that Breakthrough. Each day, God gives me a message that is just enough to fill me up. Your messages are just what He wants me hear right now. Thank you Lord! Blessings to you and All of Elevation Church🙏🏽🙏🏽❤

  4. Believing in you Lord for my children and the paths that you preparing them for. Teach them who they are in you and teach them their identity in you. For you created them and they are yours.

  5. I surrender to you Lord God in the fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ my physical and mental restoration. I give it all to you and believe by faith that my Job season is coming to an end.

  6. I want to surrender a friendship that I don’t know if it’s good for me but I keep praying because I love and care so much about this person but at the same time I want to let go I’m stuck in between 🙏💔

  7. Lord I surrender to Your love for me that in this land of living i believe therefore I speak i shall see Your goodness that me, my parents, brother and my daughter shall experience we are free from debts and still have plenty, my parents shall see me and my brother getting marry to the man of kindness (for me) and noble woman of wisdom (for my brother). and our strength and youth shall renew like the eagle. no evil, sickness shall befall us, and with long life, many many good days, joy, peace, love, and abundance as a righteousness of God in Christ. amen amen amen.

  8. Hello pastor Steve ,my name is Kenny I'm from Idaho, haven't a real shout out from where I'm from . But I got your info a little while back and, I've listened ever since , and just wanted to add it's changing me ,thank you and God bless everything, that you and your family, ministry touches.

  9. I love how my God always gets the word to me right on time, I was about to quiet quit. But here comes the word, don’t be afraid only believe. Amen and amen . Thank you Jesus, thank you Pastor.❤️🙏🏽


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